The Enthralling Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline

Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline are popular football teams that have participated in multiple memorable matches and have been leaving a lasting impact on the fans and clubs. From the very first match to the latest one, the timeline showcases their fierce rivalry and incessant quest for power.

The timeline encompasses all the events, matches, and achievements of both Inter Milan and FC Porto. Go through the sections below and get to know what made these two teams fierce rivals. You will be able to see the order of their games and come across some of the iconic moments that shaped the enthralling feud.

Importance of the Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline

The Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline displays the history of how these teams became rivals for life. There are multiple iconic moments that have given shape to the relationship between the two teams.

It is through the timeline that fans can understand the importance of the matches and accomplishments of Inter Milan and FC Porto. Both teams have received immense recognition after winning in European tournaments such as the UEFA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

The historic win of FC Porto in the 2004 UEFA Champions League, 2011 Inter Milan’s treble-winning, etc., are some of the notable instances of their rivalry and how it has kept an indelible mark on the minds of their fans.

Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline

Here is the Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline matches sorted as per the year when the matches were held:

1959: First European Competition

We can see Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline for the first time in 1959 in a European tournament, marking the commencement of their rivalry that would persist for decades. Inter Milan and FC Porto played a match on an international stage and it became an iconic moment in the history of both teams.

The match sparked the competitive spirit of both teams. The intensity of their first match attracted the attention of the players, officials, and fans, and they longed for the next match.

This first match also set the tone for their rivalry is going to be. Their competitive spirit got a boost from their strong desire to win and every match that played became history.            

1965: FC Porto takes home the European Cup Winner’s Cup

FC Porto winning the European Cup Winner’s Cup in 1965 was a significant achievement for the Portuguese club. The team gained an important position in the European football landscape. This victory made it prominent that FC Porto is a competent team and can fight strong teams.

This historic win fuelled strong competition between Inter Milan and FC Porto. FC Porto got the confidence to do better in other European tournaments. At the same time, they wanted to protect their image as a leading team. This victory laid the ground for the future matches between Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline highlighting the fierce rivalry between them.

1982: Victory of the Inter Milan’s UEFA Cup

In 1982, Inter Milan won the UEFA Cup which boosted their status. Through this win, they could cement themselves as one of the best football teams. This victory enabled the team to showcase their skills and potential to fight against the strongest teams.

Their win made the ongoing competition between both teams more fierce. Inter Milan and FC Porto were doing exceptionally well on the international stage- each team trying to beat their counterpart and go ahead in the match.

2004: Porto’s Victory in the UEFA Champions League

FC Porto winning in the UEFA Champions League is another notable achievement. This win made them more popular and made their feud with Inter Milan stronger. This victory made Porto a strong opponent. This win gave a boost to the long-running rivalry between Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline.

2011: The Treble-winning Season of Inter Milan’s

2011 was indeed the treble-winning season of Inter Milan. They won the Copper Italia, Series A, and the UEFA Champions League held in 2011. This constant victory is regarded as the ‘historic treble’. This notable feat made them stronger, worsening the rivalry between Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline.

2013: FC Porto winning the UEFA Champions League

After a short span, the table turns again and FC Porto climbs the ladder of victory. They won the UEFA Champions League, in 2013 and made their way back to the fierce competition.

Quite naturally, this comeback fuelled the rivalry and took it to a whole new level. They kept facing each other in different matches, keeping their long-standing rivalry intact.

2020:  Notable fight in the UEFA Europa League Quarter Finals

The knockout match between Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline in the UEFA Europa League 2020 was another chance for the fans to see the stunning performance of both prestigious teams.

Both the teams put their best foot forward and tried to win and go to the next round. The feud between both the teams reached heights during this match, increasing the excitement of the fans all-round.

The entire timeline shows how passionate, perseverant, and intense Inter Milan and FC Porto have been. Their intense fight, zeal, and passion made all their matches historically important. Their achievement and rivalry act as a reminder of the fierceness of competition and the notable appeal of the sports.

All these entertaining encounters have attracted the interest and attention of football lovers from different corners of the world. The numerous trophies show their strong determination to succeed.


Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline with their constant perseverance and dedication have emerged to be the football powerhouses with time. Over several matches, both the team tried their best to position themselves as the best team and their remarkable achievements certainly positioned them to be the best teams in the history of football. From the first to the latest match, their rivalry has been winning the hearts of football enthusiasts all across the globe.

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