4 Tips for Living More Eco Friendly Lifestyles

eco friendly lifestyle

These days, it’s important now more than ever before to take care of the safety of our planet. Global warming is at its highest yet, and according to scientists, we have less than a decade to fix our carbon emissions before it’s too late to go back.

With such thoughts weighing heavily on your mind, you’re probably trying to find ways to adapt to eco-friendly lifestyles in the midst of the lockdowns so you can do your part to help save the earth. That said, there’s a lot of information – and a lot of confusion – around correctly knowing how to reduce your carbon footprint. So which way is the right way to do it?

No need to fear. This article goes over a few ways to help you go green. Read on to learn more!

1. Invest In Reusable Bags

Reusable bags have been around for years now, and they continue to be a popular way for people like you to make a difference. Plastic bags may be easy to make, but manufacturers place a heavy strain on the environment with tons of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Reusable bags are a very inexpensive way to counter this. Usually worth less than a dollar, these bags can be brought into the store and used as often as you’d like, and they last for many years.

2. Eat Less Meat

Meat may taste good, but it comes with a greater price than what you pay at the store. Research from the United Nations shows that the production of meats accounts for around nine percent of carbon emissions and sixty-five percent of nitrous oxide emissions worldwide.

With this in mind, by simply eating less meat you can help reduce the amount of meat being processed and limit the emissions created.

3. Rock Some Eco-Friendly Footwear

Did you know that most shoes are created using equipment and factories that produce harmful emissions? Footwear created in this manner only contributes to an already growing problem. You can help decelerate this problem by purchasing shoes made by companies that have chosen to go green.

Make sure you know what to look out for before you buy eco-friendly shoes, as each company offers its own unique experience.

4. Buy a Water Filter

Water is an important resource that we need to survive. Unfortunately, many companies have capitalized on this pure resource using less-than-pure manufacturing methods. An alarming amount of companies that process water impact the environment in a harmful way, largely due to the emissions they create while making plastic bottles.

You can fight against carbon emissions by installing a water filter onto your faucet. A water filter helps you ditch the plastic and gives you cleaner (and much healthier) water straight from your own home.

Help the Earth by Adapting Eco-Friendly Lifestyles

Now that you know what it takes to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles, you’ll be able to change the game and help save the world. Make sure to look around our site to learn more ways you can live your best life!

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