Tips to Team up Footwear with Different Attires


There is a prevalent problem in men and women that they face every day on every occasion- the question is which footwear to wear with their outfit. 

There is a variety of footwear in the market that you can wear with your dress. There are jhutis that one can wear with a suit and kurti’s, Loafers with jeans, Bermuda’s, shorts, etc. Block heels with formals, party wear, etc.  But it is very important to match your footwear with your outfit. One cannot wear Crocs with a suit or formals. Here in this blog, we have listed some tips to team up footwear with your outfit.

Footwear to Team Up With Men Attires 

Chelsea Boot

Chelsea Boots is most likely to wear with formal clothes. This shoe gives you a formal and stylish look and at the same time, it feels very comfortable. One can team up this shoe with formal clothes for office parties, weddings, office, etc. Moreover, people like to wear leather boots as they have a minimum of five years of lifespan. This shoe adds some extra inches to your height because of the heel. According to their choice, one can choose Chelsea shoes if they want to wear high ankle, low ankle, and many more and also you have an alternative that you can buy it in a different color. The Chelsea Boot is available in different prices that one can afford.

Penny Loafer

You can consider this Penny Loafer as a semi-casual shoe as you can wear it with both formal and casual dress. It is also called a Cushioned leather heel pad as it gives you comfort and style at the same time. One can wear it with formal pants, Bermuda’s, Jeans, etc. You can also try laceless Penny Loafers. It is a step from sandals because it looks like sandals but also has a formal look. You can buy Penny Loafers from online and offline stores at an affordable price. These Loafers will give you a comfortable walk and unique style.

Boat Shoe

The Boat Shoe is an all-time favorite for men because it is a casual wear shoe one can carry anytime on any occasion.  One beat thing about this shoe is it does not stick to one shoe pattern; you will find different pattern Boat shoe. Paul Sperry is the person who invented this shoe. It feels very light while wearing. If you want to give your attire a stylish and modern look, then Boat shoe is one of your’s best options. You can buy it from online and offline stores, but you will find a wide range of boat shoes and various options to select in online stores.

Reviva Slip-on 

If you want comfortable yet stylish footwear that you can use casually, Reviva Slip-on is the best option for you. This footwear is also called as crocs in ordinary language.  This footwear comes with a built-in air bubble that provides a bounce and massage effect. One can wear it with shorts, jeans, boxers, Bermuda’s, etc.  There is a wide range of Reviva slip-on footwear present in the market, like in a different pattern, style, color, etc.  


The Trainers are casual sports footwear shoes that you can wear while working out in the gym, jogging, etc. People also wear Trainers with jeans, lowers, shorts, etc., as it compliments every look you carry.  These shoes are one of the most comfortable and easy to carry shoes. Nowadays you will find Trainers with lace and without lace too. There is a wide range of Trainer available in the market for a very long time.

Footwear to Team Up With Women Attires

Slip-on Pointed Loafers

Above all, the other thing Loafers are made for providing comfort. Loafers are also called as street style fashion.  One can wear Slip-on Pointed Loafers with formal clothes, jeans, kurtas, etc.  There is a wide range of Loafers present in the market in different patterns, looks, and colors, etc.  These Loafers feels very light and comfortable. Usually, Loafers are without heels.  Now day’s leopard print of loafers has high demand in the market. Give your look a unique touch with Slip-on Pointed Loafers.

Block Heels 

These sandals are high heel leather sandals that are trending in the market nowadays. Block heels give your ankle comfort and also give you a stylish and modern look. Block heels compliment many dresses like Palazzo, suit, kurta, jeans, formal dresses, etc. One can select different block heel sandals with a different dress like ankle strap, kitten heels, etc. block heels help carry your body weight. Block heels look very stylish and unique from other heels sandals.  

Fioni Pointed

This is a pointy toe party heel sandal with a stiletto heel.  FIONI Pointed heel sandals are one of the favorite sandals of all time. You will see a difference in your look after wearing FIONI Pointed. It also gives you the confidence to walk in your own way. One can carry this sandal with Jeans, suits, Formal clothes, etc. you will get confused while buying these sandals as there is a wide variety of FIONI Pointed sandals in the market.

Flip Flops 

These sandal designs are light-weighted slippers that are very easy and light to carry.  You will find different types of Flip Flops, like some, are made using leather, plastic, etc. If you want Flip Flop that lasts for a long time, then go for a leather one, and if you want stylish and easy to carry, then go for plastic. You can wear Flip Flops with casual dresses, beach dresses, etc.  You can buy it from online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Crocs, etc; and to avail of the discount, you can apply discount offers like Flipkart offers, Crocs Offers, Amazon offers, etc.  This footwear will surely make you feel comfortable. 

Faux Suede Stiletto Heels

This sandal is different from all the other sandals as it has a heel, but at the same time, it is very comfortable. It has an adjustable buckle strap to adjust the strap. This Suede Stiletto heel will compliment your entire ethnic, formal and other looks too.


Your look is not complete if you do not wear a proper pair of footwear. For any dress, you need matching footwear that can complement your look and style. Often people get confused about what they should wear with their dress. In this blog, we have listed some of the tips for wearing footwear that matches your dress. There is a range of different footwear that will compliment your stylish, unique, and different looks. I hope you find our blog interesting and informative.  

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