Greasy to Gleaming: How to clean a vertical smoker with Ease

vertical smoker

After learning how to use a smoker, the most crucial point is how to clean a vertical smoker. Cleaning any smoker is complicated if you have not tried it before. Learning to clean your smoker would be best because hygiene is crucial in cooking. You must keep your source of cooking clean and hygienic as your health is directly connected to it.

How to clean a vertical smoker

Cleaning a vertical smoker is essential. If it does not get cleaned from time to time, you cannot cook more on it. It will become stinky and unhygienic and can become the root of diseases. Most stomach diseases are caused by unclean food. You got the importance of cleanliness. Now move towards the process of cleaning the smoker. Here, you will learn how to clean a vertical smoker.

The material you will need to clean the smoker is:

  • A wire bristles brush
  • Paper towel
  • Soft cloth
  • A scraper or spatula
  • Hot water
  • Detergent or bbq degreaser

Cover the area

Before cleaning the smoker, cover the area where you will clean it. Cover the surface with an old rug or extra newspaper. This action will help you to keep your character clean from the mess. Because the ash and debris removed from the smoker will ruin the ground’s surface.

Remove the grills from the firebox.

First, you should remove the grills from the firebox. Let them out and soak them in hot water with soap or detergent. Remove all the ash and half-burnt wood pieces. Clean the interior of the firebox using a soft cloth or a paper towel. For scratching the hard substance, you can use a scraper or spatula. Removed the soaked grills from the water. The debris will get damped and will be removed easily with a brush. No, leave the grill to get dry.

Remove water pan

Let out the water pan from inside the smoker and throw the dirty water from it. Clean it with a wire bristles brush. If the debris or fat dripping is hard to clean, add the BBQ degreaser and leave it for 5 minutes. Clean it properly with a brush.

Remove the cooking grates.

After cleaning the firebox, grills and water pan, move towards the cooking chamber. Let out the grates and soak them in hot water. Add a spoon or two full of bbq degreaser in the water. Degreaser and hot water will dampen the debris and stick food from the grates. After soaking for 10 to 15 minutes, brush them with a wired brush. After the grates are cleaned well, wipe them with a paper towel or cloth. Leave them on the side to dry.

Clean the cooking compartment.

Now it is the final part of the vertical smoker you have to clean. Wipe all the stick food and debris from the surface of the cooking chamber. For cleaning the complex substances, you should use the scraper. You have to be strictly careful while using a scraper. It can damage the protective coat of the surface.

Reassemble the smoker

After you have cleaned all the parts of the vertical smoker, place them back in the smoker. Adjust the girls of the firebox and place the water pan. In the cooking chamber, put on the cooking grates. Be careful while recognising the parts. Adjust them in their proper place so next time you don’t face any difficulty.

Oiling the whole smoker

Only leave your smoker with oiling. Oiling is as essential for the smoker as food is for your body. Oiling has many benefits for every smoker. It keeps the smoker safe from rust. If you oil the smoker after every clean, there are a lot of chances that your smoker’s life is extended. Oiling enhances the performance of every smoker. It not only updates the health of smokers but also improves cooking results.

Some extra tips for how to use a smoker like a pitmaster

  • Keep your smoker maintained and updated.
  • Always try to keep the maintenance of the smoker properly.
  • Remember to apply oil on the surface of the smoker.
  • Store your smoker in a shaded area where it can be safe from direct sunlight and rain.
  • Give your smoker a thorough clean once a month.

Wrapping it up

The cleaning of an offset smoker is not rocket science. You have to do it with concentration. If you are a beginner and going to clean the smoker for the first time, this article is your step-by-step guide. Follow the procedure and learn all the essential steps of how to clean a vertical smoker. If you want to learn more about offset smokers. Visit BBQ Smoker Pro for more details. 

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