How To Plan An Anniversary Surprise For Your Partner


Do you still remember your first date? It was the time where you had no clue what to expect. Both of you were still trying to test the waters and see where the relationship would take you. It was fun to know a new thing or two about one another. Also, there’s the excitement and joy you feel whenever you finally see each other after a long day or a busy week.  

No matter how tight and busy your schedules are, always find time to see each other and spend quality time. Most especially because it’s your anniversary. Spice it up by doing the following: 

Plan The Perfect Getaway 

If you both have free time and a flexible schedule, then you can plan a day or two to celebrate. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to spoil your partner, and you also need a couple’s vacation once in a while. It will allow you to rediscover what made you fall in love and enjoy each other’s company. 

Go On A Road Trip

On the road trip, prepare a playlist of songs you both love. You can revisit the places you went to before that were significant and try to recreate as many new memories as you can. Perhaps even retake some photos from the same spot where you had your first date or kiss. You can turn it into a treasure hunt; plant clues in the form of a riddle at each special place. At the end of the search, reward them. You can maybe give them a piece of gold jewelry or something your partner truly likes.   

Book A Hotel Or At A Resort

After the road trip, you can surprise them by booking a place where you can extend your anniversary celebration and spend more quality time. It’s best to inform the staff ahead that it’s your anniversary—who knows, they might give you discounts or freebies. Additionally, they can help decorate the room and fill it with balloons and candles. To make it more romantic, you can add a trail of roses which will lead to a bed with a bouquet on it. There is a Flower Delivery in Austin, and you can ask to deliver it straight to your room. 

Get A Couples Massage Or Spa

While you’re enjoying your staycation, maybe you can book a couple’s massage or spa. It’s a good stress reliever. In fact, getting a massage can reduce stress, and you feel more relaxed right after. It also will reduce any muscle tension, which will improve blood circulation and even your mood. This should allow you both to do more activities.  

Wine And Dine

Finish the day by having dinner. This is a great opportunity to ask your partner if they love the experience so far. Moreover, you can give your partner another surprise, like a handwritten letter. Here, you can express how much they mean to you and what made you fall in love. It hits different when it’s handwritten because it’s more personal. 

Stay In And Do The Celebration At Home 

This is ideal if you want to keep it simple and your partner prefers to stay indoors. You can still celebrate at home, but with minor adjustments here there. This is your chance to show off your creativity and make your partner’s day. Your celebration doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Prepare Breakfast

Wake up early and surprise your partner with breakfast. It could be as simple as a bowl of cereal or perhaps fruits and yogurt. You can even add a love note. And don’t forget to shower your partner with hugs and kisses. 

Pamper Time

While your partner enjoys the food, you can start preparing the bedroom and turn it into a spa. Add relaxing music and candles to complete the whole ambiance. Start with a bubble bath and give a massage right after. 

Order Out

For lunch, you can let your partner decide what food they want to have. But if you wish to prepare your lunch yourselves, you can do so and cook together. One of you can prepare the table, while the other one cooks. 

Movie Night

End your day with a movie. You can either play their favorite movie or put on a new one. Prepare the popcorn or their preferred snack. It’s simple, but it does the trick. 

Stay Connected And Date 

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can still celebrate your anniversary through your chosen video messaging app. Because of technological advancement, you can contact each other easier, even if you are thousands of miles apart. There is absolutely no excuse not to celebrate your anniversary unless, of course, you have internet issues. 

Send A Package

You can include a love note, your hoodie, and spray it with your perfume or something to remember you by. You can also deliver their favorite food and drinks, add a cake for a sweeter touch, and have a virtual lunch or dinner together.

Prepare A Presentation

While they enjoy the food, you can present a slideshow of your photos together and use your theme song as background music. Or you can simply send a video recording telling your partner how much you miss them. 

Surprise Visit

Book a ticket and be with your significant other. You can now personally greet each other and shower them with hugs and kisses. Nothing beats physical intimacy.  

Quality Time

Make the most out of your trip and refer to the steps above. But you can also plan your itinerary. Get your partner involved and ask for ideas and start from there.  


Think about what you both love doing together. It’s an excellent way to connect and get to know each other more. Your anniversary celebration doesn’t necessarily need to be complicated; it can be as simple as staying indoors and cooking your favorite meals together or exploring a new place. The important thing is showing how much you care and love one another.

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