A Guide to the Best Health Insurance Companies of 2023

Best Health Insurance Companies of 2023

Nearly 26 million people in the United States don’t have health insurance, including many children. 

Without health insurance, people pay hundreds of dollars more for products and treatments that others get for free. Although health insurance comes at a price, it’s worth investing in. You must find the most suitable plan to protect your family and care for yourself.

Continue reading to learn about the best health insurance companies so you don’t have to stress about each bump or illness! 

Blue Cross Blue Shield

One of the best health insurance companies to invest in is Blue Cross, Blue Shield. 

BCBS offers the most benefits, however, plans are only sold through local and independent companies. With this plan, you won’t have large copayments and standard appointments are free.

Dental insurance comes included with most BCBS plans. There is also 24/7 care in most areas. If you have been diagnosed with depression, chronic pain, or heart disease, this is a recommended insurance company.

Since Blue Cross Blue Shield plans aren’t available everywhere, make sure you research plans for your state. 


If you live in 1 of the 8 states offering Kaiser Permanente, you can get high-quality coverage for an affordable price.

Adults must get dental coverage separately, but most plans include dental coverage for children. Kaiser Permanente was rated one of the best coverage plans by the government. Phone and video telehealth appointments are free and easy to schedule. 

There are fewer insurance plans through Kaiser when compared to other companies, but they can handle most of your medical needs. 


Insurance options can be difficult to compare, but if you want Medicare coverage, Humana may be suitable. 

Humana offers a variety of plans for elderly adults, children, and expecting mothers. The types of insurance plans Humana offers are targeted toward vulnerable populations of people at risk. Whether you need coverage managing a chronic condition or want more affordable prescriptions, you can find a plan that works.  


BCBS might have low copays, but it can’t beat Oscar Health Insurance.

Oscar insurance offers $0 copays for physician visits and some of the cheapest premium prices. There are plenty of health management benefits and programs that come included with Oscar insurance. You can also get virtual care for emergencies at no cost, within moments. 

Many people recommend this insurance company since it offers one of the best values in the marketplace. Unfortunately, adult dental care isn’t included in these plans. Online reviews can help you learn more about Oscar Insurance, especially with how new the company is. 


CVSHealth has paired up with Aetna’s insurance company to give quick and easy access to medical care. 

As an Aetna member, you can visit CVS MinuteClinics at a minimal cost or for free. This is a perfect plan for families that don’t have time to wait at a doctor’s office for test results. Although the plans are available across the nation, they are worth the cost if you live near a MinuteClinic. 

There are a variety of plans to select from, but dental isn’t included for children or adults. 


If you’re looking for health insurance in this area of Florida, Caley has you covered. 

Caley is a health and auto insurance provider, which can help save you money by bundling your plans. This is a great insurance company to work with if you live in medium or low-income households, and have unique medical needs. Caley also offers property, boat, and commercial insurance to help customers find the best rates. 

When you request a quote through Caley Insurance, you get a snapshot view of the Obamacare plans you qualify for. You must answer a few questions about contact info and your household income. Caley works with BCBS, Aetna, Humana, and more. 

United Healthcare

Not all insurance programs are designed for long-term commitments.

If you’re looking for a short-term insurance plan, United Healthcare is a practical option. Although the premium is higher and there aren’t health management programs, there are other benefits. Both children and adults can get dental coverage and there are vision benefits as well. 

Many people choose this insurance company if they are between jobs or self-employed. Since United Healthcare covers all 50 states, you don’t have to feel restricted by plans. 


Another popular choice for self-employed people is Cigna.

Cigna is a global medical insurance provider, available in over 30 countries. Cigna offers a variety of health, dental, and vision insurance plans. You can save money by getting various insurance plans through Cigna.

With this insurance provider, you’ll get access to a support team no matter what time or day it is. Cigna helps people manage cash benefits, monthly premiums, and hospitalization payments. Speaking with a specialist can help you build an insurance plan that is cohesive with your medical needs. 

Cigna is also partnered with Medicare. If you’re over age 65, you can get various health insurance perks without having to spend money. 

Can You Choose Between the Best Health Insurance Companies?

 Health insurance may lower your paychecks, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Finding the best health insurance companies for your family is essential for your health and finances. With the wrong plan or none at all, you could put yourself in a stressful position. By comparing your options, you can discover the insurance coverage that works for your family’s needs. 

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