Dry skin- what are the adverse effects of dry skin

dry skin

Dry skin shows symptoms of itchy, flakey and scaling skin. This uncomfortable skin type also makes the skin look dull, hides the lustre, and loses suppleness and radiance.

Here is why you might have dry skin- You do not drink enough water, which causes dehydration and is unhealthy for your body, hair and skin. Also, seasonal change and extreme cold weather can reduce the moisture content from your skin as the humidity levels go down. Ageing can also cause dry skin, and dry skin, in turn, gives your skin wrinkles and fine age lines. But, of course, many other factors can be medical or genetic, so it is always healthy and a good habit to regularly take care of your skin. Use paraben-free, vegan, dermatologically tested, FDA approved and trusted brands from skincare, like India’s favourite skin and hair care brand- m caffeine.

The first step to taking care of your body and skin is drinking enough water and staying hydrated. Exfoliating is also a process that is very basic and important. Exfoliation removes the buildup of dirt, grime and dead skin cells, and it helps cleanse the pores allowing the skin to breathe and stay healthy. Here is a detailed explanation of how to treat dry skin from head to toe by moisturizing.

Dry scalp-

How to choose the proper moisturizer and properly moisturize dry skin from head to toe?

Let’s begin with the top of our bodies. Dry scalp causes irritation, dandruff, flakey dead skins and rougher textured weak hair and hair breakages. To combat these, moisturizing the scalp is very important. Use deep conditioning moisturizers and avoid shampooing regularly, instead of shampoo twice or once a week. Use serums and oils accordingly and avoid buying cheap, toxic chemical infused hair products. Go for dermatologically tested and FDA approved hair care products with naturally healthy ingredients to nourish your hair roots from deep down their follicles and shine your hair.

Dry face-

Dry face skin can be highly uncomfortable and painful. So here is how to take care of a dry skin typeface. Use natural, paraben-free, and FDA approved face skin products. Trust the curative properties of coffee, cocoa, green tea, aloe vera etc. These natural ingredients, herbs and oils contain antioxidants and healing properties that help penetrate deep into the layers of skin and soothe and nourish it. Use face scrubs from trusted and qualified brands, like caffeine’s face wash and skincare products. Gently exfoliate your face before using moisturizers, and make sure you do these two simple processes of exfoliating and moisturizing every night and before using make-up.

Chapped lips-

Chapped lips are painful. So here is how you can take care of it. Use gentle lip exfoliating products; natural remedies like honey, aloe vera etc., are best recommended. Stay hydrated and use branded and hydrating lip balms like vaseline. Don’t use matte lipstick. Don’t lick or bite your lips; it can cause bleeding and irritation.

Body moisturizing-

Cocoa and coffee body scrubs are amazing in exfoliating and cleansing your skin pores, beginning from the neck to toes. Use an exfoliator and clean your body skin with that. The next step is moisturizing. Trust brands and products easily applicable to all skin types and are natural, FDA approved, vegan and healthy. Use creamy moisturizers or body butter instead of lotion if you have dehydrated skin. Body butter helps you with that beauty and hydrates and moisturizes your skin for a very long time.

Dry and rugged parts of the skin-

These products can also help improve Elbows, knees, neck creases, coarse palms, feet soles and the creases of thigh areas. Body butter is an absolute must for treating and softening dry and rough-textured palms, knees and elbows.

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