The Harmful Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

Harmful Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

Almost everyone knows the harmful effects of drinking and substance abuse. However, very few of us know the full extent of how many drugs and alcohol can genuinely impact us. You’re not only meddling with your health but also entering dangerous legal territories, and unless you take immediate action, the chances of recovery become slim.

Unlike drinking, recreational usage of drugs is far more harmful. But, the long-term effect of both is the same. So if you’re a compulsive drinker and use drugs heavily, you may need to reconsider. Here’s the complete picture of what substance abuse can do to you:

Mental Health Issues

We are creatures of reasoning and logic, while drugs and alcohol take that away from us. We lose our train of thought and stop behaving rationally. Substance abuse also causes paranoia, hysteria, and sharp jolts of anxiety. None of these symptoms end well, as you may start getting panic attacks and even slip into depression. You may even experience painful headaches and be unable to get through your day. 

Physical Health Deterioration

One of the obvious signs of substance abuse is your physical well-being. Most people decide to check into this facility when they feel their health is rapidly declining. Drugs and alcohol are pleasurable when you’re engaging with them, but they leave lasting signs on your body. You get nasty hangovers and may even transmit infectious diseases. 

Your teeth, nails, and hair also start losing texture. Drug usage, especially those that need injecting, leave traceable marks on your skin. Alcohol brings nausea and migraine attacks, and you begin slowly losing your appetite and start shedding weight. In extreme cases, you may get fainting spells, and your speech also gets slurred, and you have a hard time getting coherent. 

Behavioral Changes

We all harbor inhibition, but that is what makes us choose between right and wrong. It also helps us from behaving recklessly. However, with drug usage and alcohol, you begin losing inhibition. You’re not afraid to cause trouble for others or yourself. There are many cases of drunken brawls and injuries. If you choose to drive while you’re drunk, you can get charged with a DUI. If you happen to run someone over, that can become a murder case. So you may get into trouble with the legal system. 

People who engage in sex while under the influence also have a chance of getting STDs. You may start isolating yourself from people, and similarly, no one would want to be around you. Worst case scenario, you may also end up hurting yourself while using drugs. 

Financial Blow

Substances don’t come cheap and are also illegal in many states. So, acquiring them may get you in trouble with the law and cost you a fortune. It is not easy to keep up with a lifestyle full of substances. You may even struggle to hold a job, so there’s a chance you may get unemployed. If you shift towards your savings, they can vanish fast. Since abusing drugs is addictive, you may start latching onto others for money. Unless you get your daily hit, you will experience withdrawals. It is not unusual for people with addiction to resort to crimes to survive. Financial stress is a harmful effect. You’re under stress and anxiety to make ends meet. However, the thought of not getting the dosage you need may overpower your need for survival. Our body is interconnected. If we have stress accumulating from the top, it will trickle to the bottom. Stress can cause other painful side effects and can also lead to a stroke.

A Fallout From Relationships

Addiction can make you lonely. No one likes being around someone who has no control over themselves. If you have children, there is a chance your neglect may push social services to step in. You may never see your children again unless the court approves. In the rare moments when you’re sober, you’ll feel the loneliness. When you feel rejected by others, it can send you down another vicious path. You may end up filling your time with more substances or hanging with people who enable you. So, instead of getting better, you’re challenging your health to keep up with your lifestyle. If you get into trouble with the law, there may be no one in your corner. 

The trouble with the law becomes an invitation for a legal case. Depending on what you did, you may accidentally sign away your life for prison. Once again, there is a domino at play. Every decision you take under the influence leads to more trouble. When you have no one to vouch for you, the legal system doesn’t react kindly. Another possible scenario with increased substance abuse is death. It is not uncommon to overdose or get into a fatal accident. Some people make depressive drunks. They start feeling negative in a more amplified manner. When you can’t handle your thoughts, suicide starts becoming another viable option. 

Long Term Consequences 

When you drink too much and wake up with a hangover the next day, that’s a short-term effect. Long-term consequences are more lethal as they can lead to organ failure and severe scarring. Even if you get off the lard liquor and drugs, there is no recovery. In extreme cases, you may have cancer and even severe sexually transmitted diseases. Most of these diseases have no cure, and you can only start treatment to manage symptoms. The side effects of heavy medicines are also not easy to tolerate. You may also not get pain killers to avoid sending you down another addictive route. There is also no bouncing back from terminal illnesses. You can’t live a fulfilling life, and going to rehab will only solve a minute phase for you. 

Wrap Up

Alcohol and drugs may look appealing, as the thought of escapism from the shackles of reality is charming. However happy you may feel after taking drugs and drinking till the bottle is empty, it’s not worth it, as you’re setting yourself up for a path that may only lead to disaster. You’re pushing your body to its limit and eventually cracking it under abuse. Your health, your money, and your relationships feel the impact. In the end, it is not easy recovering from the effects of alcohol and drugs. You may suffer from diseases and conditions that have no cure so far. So while an occasional drink is okay, think long and hard before you decide to go for the hard-knock life.