10 Things to do during your Holiday in Put-in-Bay

There are lots of things to do in Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island. Your holiday will be fun as you navigate what Lake Erie has to offer – It’s never a dull moment here. From water spots to historic sites, let’s get to know the top 10 things to do during your holiday in Put-In-Bay.

Let’s dive in.

1. Cruise around with a Golfcart

 You do not need a car in Put-In-Bay. Not that you can’t bring one but you will miss all the fun of riding one of the golf carts. These are the most preferred way to get around on the island. Check companies like Put-in-Bay Golf Carts to hire a golf cart. 

It is exiting to drive around town as you explore the island at your own pace. Golf carts are not in short supply, but enough for anyone who needs to rent them out on the Island. Expect to see a buzzing Golf cart traffic – don’t be the odd one out. 

2. Visit Put-In-Bay Winery

At first thought, Put-In-Bay does not strike anyone as a place with great winery or breweries. However, the State of Ohio especially, the northwest is a renowned wine region. Therefore, expect some fine wines in Put-In-Bay.

There is free wine tasting for tourist. You can taste as much as you want.

Wine lovers should not miss to visit the Put-In-Bay Winery located just across the street from the lake. The winery is a beautiful old house with lovely indoor and outdoor seating under umbrellas, an outdoor bar, and porch seating.

Ohio is known for Catawba grapes that grow well here, and if you enjoy wine, then the first choice should be Pink Catawba – Well, it’s fantastic.

3. Visit Perry’s Cave & Crystal Caves

 The crystal cave present awesome cave crystal. – It should be on your itinerary.

Then descend later to Perry’s cave with a very interesting topography and an underground lake. Ensure you wear comfortable shoes with traction because e you will be descending on very steep slopes. 

The temperature at Perry’s Cave is 50 degrees all year round. Geological finds as stalagmites and stalactites made from many years of calcium carbonate deposits are found here.

These two caves will be worth your time.  Entrance is free for children under 6 years. Also, the tours are shorts and take about 30 mins. Perry’s cave is located nest to the butterfly house while Crystal cave is located next to the Heineman’s Winery.

4. Pass by South Bass Island Lighthouse

This lighthouse with a very good view of the bay is located at the very edge of the island, which is the southwest tip of South Bass Island. However, expect to get a closed sign since it is only open for tours a few times each year. This lighthouse which is now operated by Ohio State University dates back to 1897 and used to light the way during the shipping season on Lake Erie.

Nevertheless, you can set a picnic in the well-kept and lovely grounds surrounding the lighthouse as you enjoy an incredible view of the sunset over the lake.

5. Water Sport on Lake Erie

There are plenty of water sport activities in Put-in-Bay. Be it Parasailing, kayaking or paddleboards and even jet skis, there is enough fun for the whole family.

 However, these activities may not be always available due to rising waters that sometime flood the lake. Of recent years the rising waters have been at its highest. Nevertheless, when you visit be sure to check them out when the weather sis good during the summer.

6. Visit Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial

This Monument is built 352 feet above Lake Erie’s to commemorate victory during the 1812 civil war. When you visit this place, you will be shown a 15 minutes video about the lake’s history and the Island in general. You can take an elevator to the observation deck top of the Monument and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the town. On a clear day, one can see Cleveland, Ohio, 60 miles away.

7. Enjoy One of Put-In-Bay’s Best Restaurants: The Boardwalk.

Your visit to Put-in-Bay is incomplete if you don’t visit best Put-in-Bay hotels and restaurants: The Boardwalk. For the creamiest lobster bisque, this is the one place that stands out in the Island.

For local seafood fresh from Lake Erie like the walleye, crab legs, salmons, and perch prepared with the tasty delight, it has to be The Boardwalk. The restaurant has a beautiful architecture in a comfy environment and serves tourist everyday from 111 am till later in the night.

8. Visit the Parks

There are several parks in Put-In-Bay.

DeRivera Park is quite large and has got plenty to offer. This includes a huge gazebo, several historical monuments, fountains, antique weaponry, among others. It is a perfect place shaded with huge trees to relax as you check out the main drag and lake view. The kids will enjoy running around and playing in the park.

South Bass Island State Park is a nice park for camping. Yurts are available here for campers who forgot to pack. It features rock cliffs, Stunning greenery, and a beautiful cove.

9. Visit the Butterfly House

The butterfly house is relatively big greenhouse with a place to view many cocoons. Different species of Mostly Costa Rican butterflies fly around in a well-maintained flower garden. There is a rock fountain in the rear, which can be a staging area for family photos as the huge beautiful butterfly land on your crew. The gift shop is fantastic and you won’t resist the temptations to leave with a few trinkets.

10. Learn History at Lake Erie Islands Historical Society

Lake Erie Islands Historical Society is centrally located within the Island. The locals donated a large variety of antiques for the preservation of the Islands’ history, be it military and local history artifacts. 

Be sure to watch the 15 minutes informational movie about the Island’s history. The entry fee is very minimal.  Be sure to check the resale shop adjacent to the museum for some awesome souvenirs.

This is a great place to learn the history of Put-in-Bay Island and check out artifacts and photos from way back.