5 Facts About Acting That’ll Surprise You

facts about acting

Did you know that only 2% of actors make a living from their craft? Acting is a tough gig to break into, yet so many people think they know everything about it. 

They know that it can be a glamourous lifestyle. Yet, it can also be grueling where you need to work long hours. Actors have the talent to do it all. 

We’re sharing some intriguing facts about acting that you may not know yet. 

Be sure to keep reading for our guide to five facts about acting that’ll surprise you. 

1. Actors are Known as Thespians

Did you know that actors are also called thespians? They do this to honor the Greek playwright and performer, Thespis. He was also the one who created the famous mask that is associated with the theater. 

2. No Female Actors

One of the most interesting facts about actresses is that they were banned for many years. In medieval times, any female parts had to be played by male actors. 

For example, you wouldn’t see any females playing a part in a Shakespeare play. All the roles were played by men. It wasn’t until around 1660 that women began to take the stage. 

3. Actors Fame Can Change Overnight

One of the most interesting factors about actors and actresses is that their fame can change overnight. You’ll find that this has been happening for decades where a small actor is cast in a film or television show, and the show becomes very popular fast. Their fame changes incredibly fast. 

For example, take Cassandra Peterson who was cast as Elvira in 1981. She was trying to make ends meet at the time, and almost overnight she became one of the most famous actresses. Be sure to see Elvira Now and how much she’s changed over thirty years.  

4. Voice Actors Are Actors Too

Another interesting acting fact is about animated movies and television shows. Did you know those voice actors are considered actors too? 

You might not get to see them behind the camera, but they put a lot of work into getting the right words to come out at the correct time. Voice acting can be challenging and takes talent, which is why it is an acting job. 

Many voice actors have even played multiple roles on television, and you would have never even guessed it! 

5. Always More Training

Famous actors are never finished learning their craft. They may spend years practicing and training, yet they will continue to take lessons so they can better their skills. 

You’ll find that this is one universal thing about actors is that they always want to get better at what they do. 

Surprising Facts About Acting

As you can see, there are plenty of surprising facts about acting. Actors are very interesting people, and they have an amazing job that they do each day. 

There are so many different things that have shaped the acting career and have made it what it is today. 

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