College Sophomore Survival Guide

College Sophomore

Last year, you were accepted to your dream university. It was nerve-wracking to attend your first year, but you did it, and now you’re an experienced college student!

You’ve had a relaxing summer break, and it’s time to return to campus. You’d think your anxiety would be better this time around, but think again. After all, you’re not a newbie anymore, but you’re not quite a seasoned student either.

To calm your nerves, keep reading. Here’s a quick college sophomore survival guide.

Apply for Scholarships

Many college students mistakenly think that scholarships are only for freshmen, so they don’t even bother looking after their first year.

Your own university will offer scholarships but look outward too. Though it might be harder to get national scholarships, it’s still worth a try, especially if you fall into a niche group of students.

Look for Housing Early

Not all colleges offer on-campus housing, and you may not want to dorm again. In that case, make sure you look for housing early, especially if your university is located in a hot housing area. Having a room or apartment lined up before you arrive can significantly reduce your stress levels.

If you can’t afford to rent a place on your own, then team up with your friends. Not only can you split the costs, but you can also make unforgettable memories by being roommates.

Bring Your Car if You Have One

Chances are, you spent your freshman year walking, biking, or bussing places. That was fine for discovering your new city, but now that you’re familiar with it, it’s time to make transportation more efficient. With a car on campus, you can save lots of time!

A car move to another state can be difficult, but not impossible. Research your options for car shipping and don’t try and drive it yourself, unless you live locally. This will reduce wear and tear, plus the professional driver will take good care of your vehicle in transit.

Look for Student Deals

Are you trying to save money? Then take advantage of those student deals.

There may have been a published list in your freshman year, so refer to that. The participating retailers can change yearly though, meaning that getting an updated list is a good idea.

These student deals aren’t only for local restaurants and shops either. If you look hard enough, you can find discounts for software, online products, newspapers and magazines, excursions, and other fun things.

Be a Confident College Sophomore

You’ve got your freshman year down pat, and now it’s time to move on and become a college sophomore.

Although you’re no longer completely new to college, there are still some tips and tricks to learn. And by following this quick guide, you’ll get through the year easily! Make sure your friends do too, by sharing this article’s info with them. To learn more about your sophomore year, keep browsing our blog page now.

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