Thinking About Going Sober? Here Are Six Important Pieces of Advice

Did you know that the most effective strategies for getting sober include identifying your personal triggers, breaking with old routines and habits, and forming healthy relationships?

Regardless of how much you might want to embrace a sober lifestyle, it can be difficult to quit using drugs or alcohol. This is why people often say that the easiest part of going sober is making the decision to change.

Staying sober is usually much more difficult than getting sober. To help make things easier for you, we have written a guide that tells you what you need to do to successfully stay sober. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Go to Sobriety Support Meetings

By attending support groups, you will be able to have conversations with others in attendance, expose yourself to new books and sober living resources, and pray with other recovering addicts before and after meetings.

But the meetings themselves will also offer a lot of value. This is why there are so many sober celebrities who have credited sobriety support groups as the most important tool for staying sober.

When you meet with others, you will have the opportunity to get heavy burdens off your chest. You will be able to listen to the stories of others who have been able to stay sober for many years.

Once you have been sober for a while, you can also start to help others who have recently chosen to get sober.

If you want to make the most out of your support group meetings, try to attend every session. If you decide to skip a meeting, it will become easier for you to continue skipping them.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Recovery Literature

There is no shortage of inspiring recovery literature in the world. The most important pieces of literature are probably Alcoholics Anonymous and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

There are also lots of books that can help people who are recovering from narcotics addiction.

If you are not sure what kinds of literature to start reading, it can be helpful to take some time to dig around. Everybody will find different kinds of literature to connect with.

If you like reading autobiographies, you might feel inspired after reading Sober Stick Figure. On the other hand, it might be a good idea to read a book like Drop the Rock if you want to learn about overcoming imperfections.

3. Speak With Somebody in Recovery

If you choose to attend recovery groups, you will probably be connected with a sponsor. It is a good idea to have daily conversations with this person.

If you do not have a sponsor, you should make sure to attend all of your recovery group meetings. This will give you the chance to meet somebody who you might want to request to become your sponsor.

Try not to take your sponsors for granted. This person can offer you guidance and support when you are struggling to stay sober. They also might be able to offer a recommendation for a DUI attorney near me.

4. Pray and Meditate

Regardless of what your personal beliefs are, it is essential to connect with your spirituality if you want to stay sober. You do not need to have experience with prayer or meditation to start living a spiritual life.

In fact, prayer and meditation are important parts of steps three and five of The 12-Step Program. By taking time to pray and meditate, you will begin to realize that you are never alone.

5. Engage Your Body

If you do not exercise on regular basis, you should consider doing so. You can start going to the gym, walk around your block, do yoga, go on bike rides, and take long-distance runs.

You can even do something that is entertaining, such as playing paintball or laser tag. If there is a sport that you’ve always wanted to play but have not yet taken action on, you should consider making the commitment to play it.

There are many different ways to engage your body. The most important thing is that you find something that works for your unique needs. You should also try to create a regular workout routine.

6. Pick Up a New Hobby

If you take time to pick up a new hobby, it will become easier for you to stay sober. In most circumstances, it is the things that you do outside of sobriety that make it easier to remain sober.

This involves discovering new ways to be happy and to feel healthy. If you are not sure what kind of hobby to pick up, consider trying out fishing, swimming, creative arts, journaling, or gardening.

If you are not able to find a way to enjoy being sober, you might struggle to embrace your new lifestyle. This is why it is essential to find new hobbies that excite you.

Keep in mind that it might not be possible to participate in hobbies every day. But if you try your best to try something new several times per week, it will become easier for you to stay sober.

Going Sober: Now Is the Time to Take Action

If you’ve been thinking about going sober, it is important to know about the top pieces of sober living advice. Try your best to attend support meetings, get regular exercise, and consider picking up a new hobby. Are you interested in finding out more about how to make proactive lifestyle decisions? If so, consider checking out the Lifestyle section of our blog.

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