Some Important Tips for Sofa Cleaning

Tips for Sofa Cleaning

Cleaning the sofa of your office and home regularly is important, you need to clean your sofa after regular intervals of time let’s say every quarter. It is recommended to hire sofa cleaning services for this job. Don’t let stains ruin your sofa. You need to follow these simple tips to clean your sofa with detergents and baking soda. 

Get rid of stains as soon as possible

You need to act fast because a little bit of delay can make things worse. You need to clean the stains immediately. You can apply instant cleaning solutions for removing the stains; sofa cleaners recommend solutions that are non-toxic for spot cleaning. 

You need to check the recommendation of the manufacturer

There are different kinds of material used in the making of the sofa so it better to check the recommendation before applying any detergent, sofa steam cleaning always inquires about the material of the sofa before accepting any order. If you are not following every instruction then it can be harmful to your sofa. Some detergents or solutions could react negatively and can fully damage your sofa.

Cleaning codes can help

There are some numbers written on your sofa. Not everyone is aware of those numbers and ignores it as useless numbers but they are cleaning codes for your sofa. Check the codes and then select detergents for your sofa. If you are using the services of Sofa cleaning in Melbourne, they would professionally handle everything and ensure that your sofa lasts longer and looks fresh.

A dry brush can help in removing loose particles

You need a dry brush to clean your sofa. Go all over the sofa with a dry brush to loosen the stains and it will remove dirt and dust from the sofa surface. A lot of dust particles are on your sofa and can’t be removed with a dusting cloth. Dirt is hidden in the empty spaces and without a brush, it is almost impossible to clean off all the dirt.

A vacuum cleaner can also help

A vacuum cleaner is a great device when it comes to cleaning a sofa as it will remove all the crumbs and loose particles. It will be better to use a vacuum cleaner before brush because it will remove the soft stains and will make it easier to identify the big hard stains. After using the vacuum, you can brush the hard stains and make them soft so they could be easily removed. Sofa cleaning also starts the cleaning process with a vacuum cleaner. 

Baking soda is very helpful in removing the stains

Baking soda is not just used in cooking but it is also an effective tool for cleaning. Baking soda can clean the hard stains. You can pour it on your whole sofa as it will help in loosening the stains and will remove any odor from the sofa. You can use homemade baking soda and an equal amount of water. For either wet or dry solution let the baking soda sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Baking soda needs some time to absorb the stain. Always test the solution on the spot before cleaning the entire sofa. Sometimes due to carelessness these solutions can damage so testing it first can help. 

A spot test can be helpful

Firstly, you should apply detergents that are recommended to you. When you are not sure about the detergent whether it falls within the recommendation then test the solution in a small area. If there are any signs of discoloration or any other sign of ruining the sofa then don’t use it. If it shows no sign of discoloration then you can apply it on all the sofa.

You need a soft towel to dry out the sofa

Use a soft towel to dry the wet areas of the sofa. Place the towel on the sofa and it will soak all the moisture from it. You need to do this gently and clean off any remaining solution on the sofa. Once the sofa is dry it is ready for the guests.