8 Ways To Hire A High-Powered Lawyer

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If you have a very complex legal situation, such as being charged with a crime or going through a contentious divorce, there is no way you can handle these situations on your own. Instead, you know you require the services of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to handle your case. Yet because you want only the very best attorney representing you, you may need a high-powered lawyer who has a reputation for success. To make sure you get the absolute best legal counsel for your case, here are eight ways to hire a high-powered lawyer.

Track Record of Success

Perhaps more than anything, you want an attorney who has a track record of success in handling cases similar to yours. When having your initial meeting, always make sure you can verify your lawyer’s ability to handle cases such as yours and come out on top.

Personal Recommendations

In many instances, the best way to hire a high-powered lawyer is to ask the advice of those closest to you, such as family and friends. More often than not, people you know have needed an attorney at one time or another for a criminal proceeding or other legal matter. By asking their advice, you may be put on the path to a great attorney.

Online Services

Gaining in popularity, you can find a wide array of high-powered lawyers through online services. Based on your location and specific type of case, answering a few questions online can quickly put you in touch with a criminal law firm Gold Coast residents know will protect their rights from start to finish.

Make Sure They Specialize

When you are facing criminal charges of any kind, always hire an attorney who specializes in criminal law, and hopefully your specific type of case. For example, if you are charged with DUI, try to hire a lawyer who handles such cases almost exclusively.

Trust Your Instincts

Like any other situation you encounter in life, always trust your instincts when you are trying to hire an attorney. Therefore, when you are sitting down for your initial consultation, make note of whether or not you feel comfortable with your attorney, if they are listening to you, and whether or not they act as if they truly care about you and your situation.

Legal Advocacy Groups

If you have a high-profile criminal case that is sure to attract plenty of attention from the media and others, contacting a legal advocacy group may be another way to guarantee you have a high-powered lawyer handling your case. In fact, many of these types of groups are often willing to take on the toughest of cases and have the resources needed to hire the best attorneys. Should the case against you be filled with more questions than answers, a legal advocacy group may step in and give you the legal counsel you need to win your case.

Understand the Fee Structure

While a high-powered attorney has the experience needed to handle your criminal case, they may also come with a high price tag as well. However, this does not mean you cannot get the very best lawyer to represent you in court. By understanding the fee structure of the attorney you have in mind to hire, you may find it is much easier to have excellent legal counsel than you imagined. Though some attorneys will charge high hourly rates for their services, others will discount their services when they feel very strongly that an injustice has been committed. By being upfront about your situation and what you can or cannot afford to pay, chances are you can work out a financial arrangement that will satisfy you and your attorney.

Never Give Up

Last but certainly not least, never give up in your quest to hire the most experienced and knowledgeable attorney you need to handle your criminal case. If you know you are innocent of the charges made against you, being vocal about this can often get the attention of attorneys who know the criminal justice system and want to enhance their reputation with another victory. By being determined to hire a high-powered lawyer who can help you clear your name, good results can follow.

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