How to Choose the Best Child Support Lawyer for Your Family

Best Child Support Lawyer for Your Family

Around 25% of America’s children are owed child support by one of their parents. Sadly, not all of them get the support they deserve, and many get no support at all.

One of the reasons this happens is that parents often choose to represent themselves in a divorce, and that’s very rarely a winning tactic. You’re unlikely to win the case if your opposition gets a lawyer and you don’t.

However, you don’t just want any lawyer; you want the best child support lawyer. Keep reading to learn about the qualities to look for in a child support lawyer.

A Deep Understanding of the Law

A lawyer without a good grasp of their area of the law will get smoked before the case ever reaches a courtroom. Your child support lawyer must have a deep understanding of your state’s family law, civil procedure, and law of evidence. If you’re suing across state borders, your lawyer must also understand federal family law.

Compassion for Clients

The question of who a child support lawyer’s client is is controversial. Arguments can be made for it being the child or their parent. Legally speaking, however, it is the child, as these laws are designed to get as much help for the child as possible, not their parents.

That means a good family lawyer must sympathize with the child or children and put them first in all decisions. This often comes with a degree of comfort the lawyer gives you as a parent (or minor suing in a special capacity) as they promise to fight for your case.

Appropriate Professionalism

However, you don’t want a family lawyer who gets so close that the relationship becomes unprofessional or codependent. At the very least, this could result in the lawyer making errors because of a clouded judgment.

It could also lead to very severe legal malpractice. For example, an unscrupulous lawyer may use your vulnerable state to benefit financially or even lull you into a romantic relationship. Your lawyer is there to help you get a child support agreement or facilitate child support changes, and that’s the only job you want them to do.

Aggressive Approach to Lawyering

You also want your lawyer to viciously use every legal tool they can to get you what you want. They should not be scared of nuclear options like applications for sole custody or even child support liens to get your child or children the support they’re owed. If your opponent gets a rottweiler of a lawyer, you’ll be at a disadvantage if you go in with a bunny.

Find the Best Child Support Lawyer Today

If you’re a single parent and the other parent isn’t paying child support, then you need a good lawyer. To find the best child support lawyer, start by looking for an expert in the relevant state and federal laws.

You want a lawyer who can sympathize with your case without getting so close as to become unprofessional. You also want someone who’s ready to throw the book at uncooperative opposition.

People rarely interact with the legal profession, which puts them at a disadvantage when they need a lawyer. Explore our blog to learn more about the legal environment.