Can I File a Claim in Florida if my Home was Damaged by a Hurricane?

Damaged home

It is very difficult for homeowners to experience a hurricane and deal with the damage it leaves behind when the rain and winds dissipate. All the affected homeowners must start rebuilding their lives again. If a hurricane damages the interior and exterior of your home, you are entitled to compensation for your losses through your property insurance or home insurance. According to Florida Statute 627.70132, you are allowed to seek compensation from your homeowner’s insurance company by filing a claim against it.

In addition, you can sue the property owner for any losses you have incurred from the storm, like damage to your property, loss of wages, loss of belongings, and medical expenses if you sustained injuries during the storm. However, it is advisable to consult with and retain a lawyer who can deal with your claim on your behalf. After all, you may not have the time to haggle and negotiate with the insurance company if you have gaping holes on your roofs, trees in your window or when your home has been flooded with water. In this situation, you can start looking for a safe place to stay with your family as your lawyer handles the claim for you to ensure you get full compensation to rebuild or renovate your home.

Ways that an attorney can assist you with your insurance claim

A qualified legal expert will take the proper steps necessary to check these insurance claims. It’s important to reach out to a qualified individual who understands your rights. You don’t want to miss out on any money that you can get back for damages. Your time is important to these lawyers, and they want to make sure they help you as much as possible.

Analyze your policy

An attorney will thoroughly look over the insurance policy, understand the language, and clarify your arrangements. Analyzing the policy will also allow the legal professional to efficiently seek recovery for you. Sometimes it can get overwhelming to read over all the text within your policy. Therefore, reaching out to an attorney can help. This will save time for you both to get to the important parts of your case.

Investigate the damage

A lawyer can investigate what caused the damage to your living situation or commercial property. Moreover, the legal professional will determine all the areas in your home that have been damaged and any other additional losses that you have sustained. For example, if you lost valuable documents, certain or personal property or you need to stay elsewhere temporarily, then you need to reveal these affairs in your insurance claim.

Arrange the claim on your behalf

A lawyer can prepare the claim forms and paperwork, including your proof of ownership and loss, and all the other financial documents. The litigator will ensure you have the documentation you need to highlight the damage to your property. Having these documents is essential to your case. Keeping track of all this paperwork is tiring so having a professional do all the work for you takes away the stress. Now you both can discuss the policies without any worries.

Enlist the services of experts

A lawyer can work with experts in damage repair and water reclamation, who have extensive knowledge about the effects of water and wind damaging your house. These experts may identify the hurricane damage that may be missed by others and provide quick fixes. In addition, a lawyer can bring on property damage inspectors and among other advisors to calculate the value of your losses accurately so you can be fully compensated.


If a storm damaged the interior and exterior of your home, you can file a claim in Florida and seek compensation. However, before doing so, you should contact an experienced lawyer who has in-depth knowledge about the insurance laws and homeowners’ rights in Florida and will use it to strengthen your case. Their knowledge can help you win your case, and you are guaranteed this lawyer for the rest of the time this case is in session.

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