5 Advantages of Living in a Motorhome

Living in a Motorhome

According to the RVIA, around 1.5% of America’s 11 million RV owners live in their motorhomes full-time. This trend emerged at the onset of remote work in 2020, and it’s only picked up since then.

Are you curious about what it’s like living in a motorhome? Here’s why life on the open road might suit you too.

1. Living in a Motorhome Offers Flexibility

When you live in a motorhome, you get to choose the best places to live based on your current needs. You can spend the winter along the warm Florida coast or skiing in Colorado, then transition to the countryside in the summer.

RV living is ideal for explorers with a taste for variety and adventure. Taking a break from work offers a chance to enjoy varied surroundings every day of the week. 

2. Simplify Your Life

There are motorhomes to suit every lifestyle, whether you want to travel with your sports gear, enjoy minimalist living, or live it up in luxury. Discover more about the different types of motorhomes here. 

No matter how large and luxurious a motorhome you own, you’ll need to downsize when you transition to full-time RVing. In the process, you’ll cut many unnecessary extras out of your life, like rooms full of pointless clutter. 

Breaking these ties with materialistic goods in favor of experiences will change the way you see life. 

3. Motorhome Living Is Cheaper

Buying a motorhome is always going to be cheaper than paying a mortgage on a house. You’ll also save money on utilities, rates, and commuting to work each day.

You’ll need to account for campsite costs and pay for some amenities, but you aren’t locked into these costs. Boondocking at free campsites is always an option.

To save on fuel costs, simply move to new campsites less frequently, or choose ones closer together each time you move. 

4. Motorhome Life Expands Your Social Circle

A nomadic lifestyle means you’ll come into contact with new people almost every day, especially like-minded ones. In this way, you’ll grow your network and make many new friends, too.

It’s much easier to make friends in the relaxed environment of a campground or while enjoying your favorite outdoor adventures. 

When you aren’t tied to a location, you can plan your trips so you spend more time with faraway friends and family, too.

5. RV Living Means Fewer Chores

Life on the open road means you can immerse yourself in beautiful environments without doing any gardening. You never need to mow the lawn, week any garden beds, or worry about keeping plants alive.

You can enjoy all the perks of lovely manicured campground gardens without lifting a finger.

As it’s so much smaller than a regular home, you won’t need to spend more than 15 minutes a day tidying and cleaning your motorhome interiors, either.  

Live Your Best Life

Living in a motorhome allows you to embrace life to the fullest, save on living expenses, and get rid of the material things you don’t need.

It’s no wonder that so many people are taking on this new way of living in the age of remote work.

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