5 Tips for Designing an Office Space Your Team Will Love

Office Space

Picture this: you’re at work, and you’ve got a deadline coming up. Your coworker walks in with a reassuring cup of coffee and offers a helping hand.

Does this remind you of anything? It should be because you want your workplace to function like a well-oiled machine. This can only happen when your team is communicating and collaborating with each other.

Does your team need to spend more time together? Consider designing an office space that encourages collaboration.

Keep reading up on our top tips to make this happen.

1. Use Natural Light and Vibrant Colors

The placement of desks and furniture in a manner that lets natural light flow in is a great start. Opting for light and airy colors on the walls opens up the room and reflects the light.

A few accent chairs or artwork in a bright, vibrant color helps brighten the room. Other items, such as desk lamps or track lighting can also create a more inviting atmosphere. Visit Liberty Properties office listings to rent or lease your first office

2. Use Technology 

Use technology to design an office with purpose. Create floor plans that best maximize the space and plan out the furniture layouts, which can be easily done with 3D office design software like Autodesk. Use touchscreen technology to create a digital whiteboard that can be used to strategically place ideas and brainstorm collaborative solutions. 

3. Incorporate Arts

Consider hanging artwork that captures the creative spirit of the team, or displaying art pieces that evoke certain feelings or ideas. Repurposed items can also give the corporate office a unique look. Try using old vintage signage or weaving remnants from treasured family heirlooms into eye-catching artwork. Incorporate items that make the office stand out and represent the team. 

4. Have Plants

Look for plants that fit into the aesthetics and style of your existing décor. Place these plants strategically in areas where team members can admire and interact with them. Taking time to care for the plants is a great way to create a sense of community and camaraderie among employees.

Make sure there is a pot and soil, as well as proper light and watering that the plants need. Give each person a bit of ownership in the plants by assigning them one to take care of, and after each meeting, they can perform a quick check and make sure all the plants are doing well. 

5. Have Flexible Seating

To design an office space your team will love, select several seating arrangements and designs that different employees might prefer. Include a workstation with iconic chairs, sofas, and tables, or a corner section with stools and movable seating. Make sure to provide equipment to allow for physical comforts, such as laptop holders and monitors, phone stands, and standing mats. 

Start Designing an Office Space Today

An effective office space design encourages creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Each member of the team should feel comfortable and be able to express their creativity.

By following these tips, teams can create a workspace that will bring out the best in them and help them achieve team goals. Now that you know how to create an awesome office space, it’s time to put it into action. Start designing an office space!

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