Company Swag Ideas Employees and Consumers Will Love

Company Swag Ideas
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Company swag and promotional items for customers are a cost-effective and highly visible way to boost your brand’s visibility. There are close to 38 million businesses operating in the United States today, highlighting the competition that brands face in the marketplace. Being able to effectively market your brand is key to increasing awareness and improving sales.

For mass outreach at a low cost, company swag stands head and shoulders above other marketing methods. In this blog post, we will share company swag ideas that both employees and consumers alike will love. Let’s get started.

Hoodies and Branded Clothed

Quality clothing is always desirable and valuable, which means that items such as hoodies, t-shirts, and baseball caps are excellent company swag options. Clothing is, of course, highly visible. This means that wherever the wearer goes, they will be effectively promoting your business.

Clothing is seasonal and it’s important to be selective in your choices depending on the time of year. Hoodies are a great option in the fall, while t-shirts and caps are a strong summer choice. Raincoats, too, are a smart choice as a winter swag giveaway.

Travel Swag

After 2 years of travel disruption due to the COVID pandemic, a majority of Americans are planning to travel in 2022. This makes it the perfect time to share some travel-related company swag with employees and consumers. Options here include:

  • Branded duffel bags
  • Backpacks
  • Toiletry bags
  • Tote bags

Larger items like bags are also highly visible and allow for your brand’s logo to be prominently displayed, which is excellent for advertising.

Power Banks and Charging Pods

Where would we be without our mobile phones? Further to that, where would be without chargers to keep our phones full of juice? Therefore, two popular swag items for this modern age are portable power banks and custom charging pods.

Given that they can be brought anywhere and can be shared, they are useful for boosting your brand’s awareness wherever your consumers and employees go.

Branded Coffee Mugs

More than two-thirds of Americans (70%) drink coffee every week, highlighting our obsession with this stimulating drink. This is why branded coffee mugs are so popular among businesses seeking to improve their brand awareness. Reusable coffee holders are also environmentally friendly, something which more and more people deem essential in products today.

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Company Swag Ideas for Employees and Consumers

The above-listen branded products can have a big impact on enhancing your brand’s image and boosting awareness. Best of all, company swag is affordable. Compared to traditional methods of advertising, such as in newspapers and on TV, branded products will not overly dent a company’s marketing budget.

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