What to Do If You Are Involved in a T-Bone Car Accident

T-Bone Car Accident

Car accidents happen every day; sometimes, they are not your fault. You could drive along, minding your business, and an accident occurs before you. You cannot do anything to avoid the crash.

In this case, you were involved but not at fault. Like any car crash, you will experience stress and wonder what to do. Here are the steps to take if you experience a T-Bone car accident.

Gather Information From the Scene of the Accident

If you’re involved in a T-bone car accident, you should first gather information from the accident scene. Start by collecting information about yourself and the other drivers involved in the accident. It includes gathering their name, driver’s license, phone number, insurance policy number, and license plate.

Besides the personal info, collect details about the circumstances of the accident. It includes the time of day, location, road conditions, and other factors that could have affected the occurrence.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

If you experience a T-Bone car accident, seek medical attention immediately. Regardless of whether you think there’s been any injury, getting an evaluation from a medical professional is essential.

The jolt to the body from such a shock can cause injuries that may cause internal bleeding. It can be life-threatening without timely medical attention. If you have any passengers in your vehicle who may have sustained injuries, they, too, should see a doctor or a hospital as soon as possible.

Preserve Evidence to Strengthen Your Legal Claim

If you experienced a T-bone car accident, it is vital to take steps to preserve evidence that could strengthen your legal claim. Contact the police and get a copy of the accident report.

Take photos of the accident scene. It includes the damage to your car and skid marks, debris, or other items of evidence. Talk to witnesses at the location and try to get their contact information.

If there were any surveillance cameras nearby, ask the owners for access to the footage. Keep a detailed diary of events, accident details, conversations, meetings, and incurred costs. 

Contact the Right Car Accident Attorney

If you experienced a T-bone car accident, contacting the right car accident attorney is essential. An experienced attorney like Steve Dimopoulos will work with you to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

They will handle your case from the start and work to get all parties involved to pay for your medical bills and damages. They will also help negotiate with any insurance companies involved. It ensures you are getting the best possible settlement.

Furthermore, hiring a lawyer can also help with any legal action you need to take. They will also help you complete any paperwork required to receive your settlement. 

Follow This Guide When Involved in a T-bone Car Accident

If you experience a T-bone car accident, staying calm and seeking medical attention if necessary is essential. It is also important to document all the required information, such as the contact information of those involved in the accident, time, and location.

Seek legal advice for your rights and responsibilities when making a claim. Feel free to contact a local car accident attorney for guidance.

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