Common Dog Gift Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

dog gift buying mistakes
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A study conducted by the American Pet Products Association found that 68% of American households own some type of pet. Among these household pets, 90 million of them are dogs. Dogs are a popular pet to find in American homes for many great reasons. 

Dogs are protective, affectionate, and loyal. They quickly become a part of the family. Many dog owners don’t see their dogs as pets they care for, but as important members of the family who bring value to their lives. 

One way to show love is with gifts. However, it’s important to avoid common dog gift buying mistakes. If there’s a special pup in your life, then you know just how true this is.

You’re just as excited to come home and see your furry friend as they are to see you. You want to come home with a great surprise for them as often as possible, but you want to keep their health a top priority. In the guide below, you’ll discover several of those common mistakes you want to avoid when buying gifts for your pup!

Toys That Are Too Hard

Do you have a pup who loves to destroy all toys in under 30 seconds flat? We’ve all been there before. We buy a toy that says it’s indestructible only for our dog to rip through it and tear it up in one sitting. 

The next step is buying a toy that’s a bit tougher. Although there are great hard chew toys for your dog to sit and gnaw on, you want to avoid choosing a toy that’s too hard for your pup’s teeth. Toys that are too hard can cause trauma to your dog’s teeth. 

A good way to test the hardness of the toy is to take your fingernail and try to make an indent on the toy with it. If you’re unable to, then it might be too hard for your dog. 

Rawhide Chew Toys

Rawhide toys are popular in pet stores. Walk down the toy aisle, and you’ll quickly spot several rawhide chew toy options. Some pet owners choose rawhide toys as a more natural option over plastic chew toys. 

Unfortunately, you want to stay away from rawhide since it can damage your dog’s digestive system and teeth. Rawhide is too hard on your dog’s teeth and can actually cause fractures in them. If swallowed, gastrointestinal damage can occur. 

This could cause vomiting and diarrhea. It’s easy for a pup to swallow small pieces of the rawhide as they break off while chewing. 

Toys With Small Parts

Speaking of small pieces, you should also avoid any toys with small parts on them. The small parts can easily be broken off by your dog’s strong teeth and jaw muscles. Because the pieces are small, they might quickly swallow them before you’re ever able to notice. 

What you will notice is vomiting, diarrhea, and other complications in your pup as they try to remove the item from their body. If you notice any of these symptoms not long after they were given a toy to play with, then you’ll want to contact their veterinarian as soon as possible. 

The Same Type of Toy

You know just how boring it can be to have the same toy to play with over and over again. Even as adults, we desire change and new things. Don’t make the mistake of giving your dog the same type of toy to play with.

When you go on your next shopping trip looking for dog gift ideas, be sure to search for something new. They’ve already had lots of bones to chew on in the past, but have they played in a play gym for puppies? Play gyms offer puppies a variety of new and exciting toys all in one place!

They can run through the gym and pull on a rope or tug at a plastic hoop. Take your time when shopping for your pup and try to find a few interesting toys they’ve never played with before. This helps keep their minds stimulated and busy, ideal for getting excessive energy out. 

Toys Meant for Children

Another common mistake dog owners make when gifting their dogs with toys is giving them toys meant for human children. A child’s teething toy or stuffed animal might seem like a great gift for your pup, but these items can be quite dangerous. You never want to give your dog a toy that wasn’t specifically designed for dogs. 

Children’s toys aren’t made to withstand strong dog teeth. This makes them much easier to rip and tear apart. The outcome is your dog eating various parts of these unsafe toys. 

Instead, hit up your local pet store and find dog toys that are just as cute as those children’s stuffed animals!

The Wrong Toy Size

Don’t forget to consider the size of your dog when buying dog gifts online or in stores. You need to take the time to ensure the toy is size appropriate for your pup. Before shopping, weigh your dog so you know how many pounds they are. 

Most toys will have a size limit on them, which acts as a buying guide. For example, a ball might seem like a good size for your dog, but it’s listed as a toy for dogs up to 20lbs. Your dog weighs 70lbs and will need to look for gifts for large dogs. 

The same is true when buying new leashes, collars, and other dog accessories. Look for the size given on the item to confirm it’s ideal for your dog. The last thing you want to do is gift your pup with something that’s unsafe or not logical for their size. 

Only Buying Adult Dogs Toys

Dog owners shouldn’t make the mistake of only buying toys for adult dogs. You don’t have to wait until your dog is an adult to start buying them lots of neat toys. Start when they’re just a small pup!

Surprising your puppy with new toys on a regular basis can help them stay entertained and prevent them from chewing on your furniture and other items they shouldn’t have. Introducing your puppy to toys in the early stages helps them understand they should chew on the toys given to them inside of various items around the house. 

Again, remember to look at the age and size limit on toys and other dog gift items before buying them to ensure they’re puppy-safe. 

Not Buying Stimulating Toys

There are many great stimulating toys available for your pup. Of course, you can always choose a nice bone or stuffed dog toy to keep them occupied, but don’t forget to buy them toys that make them use those brain muscles as well! Puzzle toys, for example, provide mental stimulation.

These toys force your dog to keep their wheels turning as they play with the toy trying to figure out how it works. Treat-dispensing toys force your dog to put in some work if they want to get the tasty treat. After all their hard work, they’ll get their incentive and can finally lay down to relax. 

They’ll get lots of exercises both mentally and physically, making for the perfect dog gift!

Not Bringing Your Dog With You

We know how exciting it is to come home with a new gift for your dog. They can’t wait to see what you have for them and immediately begin jumping for joy. This is an awesome way to surprise your pet, but don’t forget to bring them with you from time to time as well. 

Your dog will become ecstatic once they realize they get to go with you to pick out a new toy. Bring them to the pet store with you and see which toys hold their interest the most. If you see them eyeing a few toys, buy one with them and surprise them with the other ones later on. 

Of course, if your pup has a bit of dog anxiety, then it’s best to let them stay comfy in the home where you do all the shopping.

Avoid These Dog Gift Buying Mistakes to Ensure the Best Surprise

Surprising your dog with a new gift on a regular basis brings joy to your heart like no other. They’ll always remain innocent and full of love, which makes buying them gifts even more enjoyable. To ensure you give them the best surprise each and every time, try your best to avoid these dog gift buying mistakes. 

Take your time when searching for the right type of dog toy for your pup. Keep their age, weight, and breed in mind when discovering which toys might suit them best. Then, continue to visit here on a daily basis to find more topics on lifestyle, news, and more!