How to Leash Train a Dog

How to Leash Train a Dog

Do you have a new furry friend in your family? Once you get over all the cuddles, kisses, and puppy breath, you’ll want to start thinking about training your pup.

One thing you will want to do is leash train. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to leash train a dog! By the time you finish reading, you should be ready to take Fluffy for a walk!

Get Him Used to the Collar, Harness, and Leash

Before you can use a leash, you need your pup to get used to his collar and harness first. It may feel weird for him to wear something if he is not used to it yet.

A few times a day, put the collar and harness on him around the house. Click here for options.

Once he is used to those items, you can introduce his leash to him.

Teach a Cue

Once you introduce him to the items needed for walking a dog, you’ll want to teach him a cue when you put the harness and leash on that means you are going for a walk.

This can be as simple as “walk,” which he will start to respond to once he associates that word with going outside for a walk.

Teach Your Pup to Come

Even though he is on a leash, you will want to teach him to come to you as well in case he sees something while walking that he wants to go after.

Start inside. He should be wearing his collar and harness. When he is not looking at you, go a few steps away and say “come.” When he comes, give him a treat and praise him verbally.

Once he does this often enough when you tell him to come, you can take it outside. Do the same thing.

Practice With a Leash

Once he has learned the cues and can come on command, you can start to walk him with the leash. Practice with short walks first. Every once in a while, start moving a few feet away from your pup and then tell him to come.

When he does, reward him with a treat and verbal praise!

When you feel like you know how to walk a dog, you can begin to go on longer walks! When you do this, you will want to continue practicing in the same way so that your pup and you stay in sync with your training.

How to Leash Train a Dog

Now that you know how to leash train a dog, you and your pup can go for long walks together wherever you are!

Remember to slowly introduce the leash and harness first, then start teaching cues and commands. Then, you’re ready to practice in the great big outdoors!

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