The Colorful Companion: What to Expect as a Chameleon Pet Parent

Chameleon Pet

Did you know that there are over 150 species of chameleons in the world? These fascinating reptiles are one of the most popular choices for exotic pets.

Have you ever thought about having a chameleon as a pet? If you are thinking about owning a chameleon, here is a brief guide with all the information you need to know.

Find an Exotic Pet Vet

Before you decide on a chameleon pet, make sure you have an exotic pet vet in your area. Most vets service common animals such as dogs and cats but likely don’t have experience with exotic reptiles.

Since chameleons are easily stressed, it may be difficult to figure out if they have health issues. Regular veterinary checkups can ensure your chameleon is in the best health possible. 

What Does a Chameleon Eat?

Chameleons are carnivores, meaning they only consume meat. The meat comes primarily from insects, like insects, crickets, grasshoppers, and roaches.

Depending on the species of chameleon, you may be able to give them fruit from time to time.

Larger chameleons can even eat lizards and birds. However, your pet chameleon will likely stick to a regimen of smaller insects.

Regularly place fresh insects in your chameleon’s habitat for stimulation and diet. You can pick up insects from the pet store or conveniently order them online, such as dubi cockroaches.

Even if you have a restrictive diet like vegetarianism, do not impose it on your pets. Chameleons cannot exist only by eating vegetables and fruit. They need meat as their primary food source.

Maintain Your Chameleon Habitat

Chameleons are tree-dwelling creatures. Sprinkle water on the leaves in the habitat so they can drink the water droplets off of the leaves and stay hydrated.

Since chameleons have cold-blooded, they need consistent temperature regulation in their habitats. A good heater can ensure they are comfortable at all times. Be prepared for an increase in your electric bill from your chameleon at home.

Plenty of trees are a requirement because chameleons love to climb. Their legs and feet are tailored to cling to branches. Even with a small terrarium, you can create many branches by overlapping plants.

Own Only One Chameleon Pet

It may seem like a good idea to have multiple chameleons, but don’t be fooled: These elusive animals prefer to live alone. Not only do chameleons like their solo space, but it may actually cause distress to have a tankmate.

The absolute limit for chameleon habitats is two. However, you should ensure you have plenty of space so both of them can cohabitate in peace.

You can also invest in multiple habitats that are separate from each other and own as many chameleons as you would like.

Consider a Chameleon as a Pet

If you want a fun exotic animal, look no further than the chameleon. Having a chameleon as a pet is a fun and rewarding experience.

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