Cheap Proxy is the Only Answer to Web Anonymity

Cheap Proxy

Web anonymity is the ability to remain anonymous while surfing the web. Anonymity in this regard may refer to online identity or IP address and geographical location. If you want to ensure web anonymity while surfing the online world, you need a proxy that would mask your online identity, and a cheap proxy is the only answer to web anonymity.

If you use any proxy, any website or online service you login to will be under the impression that you have logged in from a different location than the proxy service has provided. Thus, your web anonymity will be maintained. 

Types of Proxies

A proxy can protect the identity of a user on the web from any unwarranted breach. There are different types of proxies available that provide different features aimed toward different types of users. Here are some of the most popular proxies in terms of expenditure. 

Free Proxy

As the name suggests, these proxies are free of cost. Any user can access it anytime. It does what it is advertised for, providing a proxy to the users. However, it’s not even as secure or reliable as cheap or premium proxies. 

Free proxies come with a lot of limitations. Free proxies have minimal proxy servers that many users access at the same time. It means that the proxies can be very slow, and it might take a lot of time to load websites. As many users use the same IP at the same time, these proxy IPs may be flagged, banned, and blacklisted from different websites.

Free proxies mostly come in websites where you need to put in the website you want to visit using the proxy. These websites tend to be loaded with ads, making the whole experience quite inconvenient. However, software-based free proxies exist, which are better than website-based ones. 

Cheap Proxy

Cheap proxies are a form of premium proxies but with a lower price tag. They are way better than free proxies and slightly below the premium ones. To keep the price tag down, they may cut some corners that won’t matter to the average user. 

Cheap proxy service uses mostly semi-dedicated proxies. By using a semi-dedicated proxy, they manage to keep the cost low. Semi-dedicated proxy works because they distribute a proxy to a group of users, and the number of users is limited.

The only distinction between semi-dedicated proxies and dedicated or private proxies is the limitation of the number of users. In semi-dedicated proxies, the users get all the advantages of using a dedicated proxy. By using cheap proxies, the users can guarantee to bypass any country restrictions of a website or a web service and maintain web anonymity simultaneously. 

Premium Proxy

Premium proxies mostly indicate the use of Private proxies. It means that one IP will be assigned to a client, and the client will have full access to the IP and all its advantages of it. Private proxies work as an intermediary between the client and the target server.

Private proxies also ensure high speed as only one client can access it and low latency at all possible times for the low routing time. Premium proxies are primarily for advanced users and charge for all the extras benefits. 

Is Cheap Proxy the Only Answer to Web Anonymity?

To some extent, the cheap proxy is the only answer to web anonymity because of the inconvenience of free proxies and the high price of premium proxies. You can get away with free proxies if you are looking forward to unblocking country-restricted content. However, the ads and the low speed and latency might get you frustrated. Most importantly, the free proxies are not reliable regarding security, and maintaining anonymity won’t be possible. On the other hand, you can maintain web anonymity and get almost all the features of premium proxies apart from private proxies by using a cheap proxy.