The Downsides of Using AI Graphic Design for Your Business

AI Graphic Design

AI graphic design has taken the world by storm recently. Social media platforms have become inundated with an influx of AI-created personal and business graphics. This allows for unique opportunities to create custom media and graphics. 

AI graphic design platforms like DALL-E make it possible for users to generate their own custom images based on a series of different prompts. In 2022, an estimated 1.5 million users actively create over 2 million AI-based custom media images on DALL-E each day. 

While some tout the merits of AI in graphic design, others are more discerning about its limits and potential setbacks. To learn more about some of the biggest downsides of using AI graphic design, keep reading below for further information.

Lack of Originality and Creativity

According to a survey by Adobe, 69% of graphic artists and illustrators plan to use generative AI in some capacity in their future work. While AI graphic design seems to open the door to creating new images, this is not always the case.

The graphic design tools used by AI function by using existing data sets. This means they are tapping into existing patterns and designs to generate images. These graphics databases are the reason why they can generate designs so quickly.

However, these designs may not always be the most original. This can lead to generic-looking and copycat business graphics over time. These so-called custom media and graphics generated by AI graphic design platforms can sour the overall visual identity of your brand.

AI imagery can also lack heart and emotion. Consumers can feel detached from a brand that overuses recycled AI content.

Quality and Accuracy Concerns

AI graphic design tools are only as good as the images and datasets on which they are trained on. An AI graphic design program trained using low-quality or biased designs will behave accordingly.

This can negatively impact the quality and accuracy of the AI-generated designs it produces. This can lead to AI-generated errors, distortions, and inconsistencies in graphics. It may also result in designs that do not align consistently with your brand’s overall standards and values.

For instance, of the biggest concerns with AI graphic design is its inability to master finer details. This is particularly true relating to the human form.

Many notice that AI often assigns too many fingers to one hand. AI has also had trouble accurately displaying facial feature imbalances.

Limitations Regarding Complex Requirements

Many AI tools are still in development, meaning they aren’t a perfect system yet. AI graphic design platforms simply can’t think outside of the box of their programming requirements. If there isn’t enough graphic data relating to a certain concept, the AI could get stuck. 

You may not be able to effectively use AI graphic design for projects that involve more intricate details. Likewise, those with unique artistic specifications can also confuse these graphic AI systems. 

Potential Overdependence on Technology

AI graphic design seems like an ideal shortcut for creating business graphics on the fly. AI can help you speed up some areas of outlining the design process. But it’s still important to realize that it’s not a full replacement for human design talents.

AI cannot grasp the essential concepts of understanding, judgment, and creativity. By solely relying on AI graphic design, you’re missing out on the human touch that in-person designers can provide. For example, consider The Elements Group, a strategic marketing agency at

If you’re going to implement AI business graphics, it is best to go with a trained AI graphic design services agency. They will have the skills and knowledge available to help you create custom media and graphics that work.

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AI graphic design is a great collaborative tool. But in no way is it a perfect solution for business graphics. You should use AI sparingly to help you brainstorm ideas while working with a professional marketing agency. 

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