What to Expect From This Year’s Gaming Showcases

Gaming Showcases

Are you disappointed that E3 was canceled again this year? While E3 is one of the bigger gaming events, there are others that you can look forward to. 

Everything kicked off with the PlayStation Showcase that happened last Wednesday. June is jam-packed with showcases from the Guerilla Collective to the Summer Game Fest. 

No matter if you enjoy playing Indie titles or you’re looking forward to the next triple-A classic, there’s bound to be an event for you.

If you join the showcases in person, you may even get the chance to play a few demos. Check out this guide to learn what you can expect. 

PlayStation Showcase

First up on our list is the PlayStation Showcase 2023. On May 24th, Sony had quite a bit to show off. 

Some of the biggest highlights were Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, and of course, Spider-Man 2! We also saw new trailers for Final Fantasy XVI and Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you missed out on the showcase and want to get caught up on all the action, you can check out the trailers on YouTube. 

Guerrilla Collective

The Guerilla Collective is an Indie game showcase that’s taking place on June 7th. More times than not, it comes with some fresh game announcements and gameplay. 

You may even be able to get your hands on a few demos from varying genres and developers. 

Day of the Devs 

Day of the Devs will be making a return this year on June 8th. It’s a showcase that brings attention to indie developers. 

We should be getting some interesting trailers this year. Big indie devs such as Heart Machine, Geometric Interactive, iam8bit Presents, and Phantom Coast are confirmed to be showing off what they’re working on. 

Summer Game Fest

Day of the Devs isn’t the only big thing happening on June 8th. Players can also look forward to the Summer Game Fest. 

You’ll want to tune in this year because there are going to be announcements from big companies. That includes Bandi Namco, Activision, CD Projekt Red, EA, Square Enix, PlayStation, and Capcom. 

If you purchase tickets and go in person, you’ll get to try out a few of the games at the showcase. Those who can’t attend in person can watch the show on YouTube, Steam, or Twitch. 

Xbox Game Showcase

On June 11th, Microsoft will hold its big showcase. There will be two different gaming conferences.

The first will be a general gaming release calendar. We’ll learn a little more about the next Forza title. We may also get some news about EverwildFable, and The Outerworlds 2

The second showcase is Starfield Direct. As the name suggests, the entire event is going to center around Bethesda’s next big game. 

If you’re not up to speed, it’s a Sci-fi RPG called Starfield. It’s expected to launch in early September (fingers crossed). 

There’s not a set time for Starfield Direct, but it’s set to begin right after the Xbox Showcase ends. 

PC Game Showcase 

June 11th is going to close off with the PC Game Showcase. There’s no exact start time as of yet, but it’s going to follow the Xbox Game Showcase and Starfield Direct. 

There’s not a lot of detail on what’s going to be covered, but PC gamers can expect some awesome stuff. You can watch it on Steam, Twitch, and YouTube. 

Ubisoft Foward Live

Ubisoft was supposed to be at E3 when E3 was still happening. They were the first big developer to bail and now they’re having their own showcase. 

We’re not sure what games they’re going to show off at the Forward Live show, but we expect there will be more information on Assassin’s Creed: Mirage

We may get to see more from the frequently delayed Skull & Bones. Ubisoft will most likely show off a bit more of the other Assassin’s Creed title that’s currently in development as well. 

Best International Game Festival

The Best International Game Festival (BIG) made its debut in 2012. It’s a huge event that allows developers to interact with their audience. 

Those who attend the conference will be allowed to play games from some big-name publishers as well. If you would like to attend, it’s going to start in Brazil on June 28th and go on until July 2nd. 

Wholesome Direct

If you’re more of a fan of the lighthearted side of the gaming industry, Wholesome Direct is for you. It’s an indie showcase that focuses on all things colorful and cozy. 

There are usually a few demos that players can try out. Most of them will have some kind of uplifting theme. 

Games for Change

Games for Change doesn’t typically focus on triple-A titles. Instead, it’s a showcase that highlights what games and gaming technology can do for people. 

This year’s showcase is going to focus on extended reality in games. This covers virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. 

You’re not really going to see any big game announcements, but that doesn’t mean that Games for Change isn’t worth the watch. You may gain a few fascinating new insights. 

Gaming Events You Won’t Want to Miss

E3 might be canceled, but that doesn’t mean there are no gaming events to look forward to this year. June is jam-packed full of conferences from big names like Microsoft and Ubisoft. 

Tuning in will allow you to get a sneak peek at all the awesome games coming out this year and find out how gaming is changing the world. 

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