Why are businesses making a move to Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Google Workspace has become a popular choice for businesses large and small. So why are users migrating from Google to Microsoft? Let’s get deep into it:

Migrating to Office 365 is a straightforward process, but there are some things your organization should consider. Office 365 is part of the larger Microsoft 365 ecosystem, with a powerful base product that makes it an easy choice for smaller organizations. Microsoft 365 Business Basic includes 1TB of OneDrive storage versus 30GB of Workspace for a lower monthly price per user. Support for small organizations aligns well with Microsoft 365’s ability to scale and strongly support large organizations, and the platform is trusted by 80% of companies with more than $10 billion in annual revenue.

Successful migration from Google to Office 365 is an important step in making your move to Office 365 as seamless as possible. Organizations should migrate email addresses from Gmail to Exchange and configure Microsoft Teams to replace Google Meet and Chat.

Migrating content is a human and technical task. Organizations should help users adapt to the tools available in Microsoft 365 and ensure users are trained in how to get the most out of the suite. Apps4rent has years of experience working with the client and providing expert guidance on both file migration to SharePoint and any additional steps required beyond file migration.

Utilizing the most of Office 365:

Microsoft Teams replaces Google Workspace’s many collaboration services with a single tool that integrates with Office 365 and the rest of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. With Teams, you can seamlessly switch between accessing files on SharePoint, team meetings via video, and one-on-one or group chats with team members. This versatility reduces the friction of relying on multiple tools by housing them under one roof. Moreover, with a good hosting provider, you get an enhanced Hosted Virtual Desktop which makes it easier for you to access your data from anywhere and at any time.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Premium licenses include the desktop version of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Unlike Google Workspace and its web-only interface, these desktop apps give you more freedom to switch devices and user experiences to suit your needs. These apps work well with existing OneDrive and SharePoint capabilities to seamlessly sync and access your data across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.


Preparation and execution typically consist of accurately mapping all existing systems to determine how data will be moved. This process takes a lot of time. Therefore, if there is an IT administrator who has never performed such a task, we recommend seeking advice from a professional IT consulting firm.

Now cloud service providers like Apps4Rent take full responsibility for ensuring the uptime of the Office 365 platform and providing support to their customers. So, these providers can help you with backup services like Azure Migration Services which ensure your data is safe and can be retrieved even at the time of disaster. This makes them the ideal partner when choosing your migration services.