The Top Tools for Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Globally, people watch around one billion hours of video every day, which explains why we’re seeing a rise in motion graphics.

Getting the right tools for motion graphics is essential for elevating your skillset and producing work that your audience will love. But, if you’re starting out, it’s difficult knowing which resources to check out. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to dive into motion graphics and are searching for the right software.

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got your back. Here are the top tools for motion graphics.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Before we dive into the best tools, it’s important to answer your burning question: “what is motion graphics?”

Know that this is a type of multimedia that blends graphic design and animation. You’ll often find motion graphic in advertising, TV, and film. To produce great results, familiarize yourself with Adobe Creative Cloud, as it will teach you how to develop eye-catching graphics.


Whether you’re producing business-related or church motion graphic, Blender is for you. There are multiple features that graphic designers need, such as VR tendering and even sculpting tools. Using these tools, you can create ultra-realistic graphics.

After Effects

Every motion graphics designer has After Effects downloaded on their computer for the right reasons. This is the go-to software for animated logos and videos for social media posts. And don’t worry if you find it difficult, as there are plenty of YouTube tutorials that will guide you through the tools.


Another great way to navigate motion graphics software is by checking out Lesterbanks. This site gives daily tips to budding motion graphic designers who want to learn the ropes. It also includes Cinema 4D and Maya tutorials, so you get a deeper insight into the software.

Note, there are different difficulty levels, depending on your skill set, which means that there is something for everyone.


FlexClip is a fantastic resource for producing professional-looking motion graphics. For instance, users can take advantage of the different motion effects and add graphic elements like banners to their videos. The beauty is you needn’t have motion graphic skills, as you can quickly develop them when using the software.

Motion Design School

Don’t spend thousands on college when you can improve your skills online. Attend motion school, so you can deep dive into a specific area of motion graphic. For instance, this could be taking a class in stop motion or how to incorporate sound into the final product.

If you’re struggling to produce great work, reach out to animation motion graphics services to help you.

Try These Motion Graphics Tools Today

Hopefully, you’ll use these resources to elevate your skills in motion graphic.

There are many great tools to check out, such as Adobe Creative Cloud and FlexClip. Motion graphic designers should also take advantage of free educational resources, such as motion design school and videos on Lesterbanks. Happy learning!

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