5 Tips for Creating Kickass Business Brochures

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Does all marketing exist online nowadays? Not necessarily. As surprising as it may seem, around 37% of the world still doesn’t have access to the internet.

That’s not only developing countries, either. Older demographics and people living in places with weak broadband connectivity are less likely to venture online when looking for products and services.

So don’t rule out the value of offline marketing or one of the best tried-and-tested methods: the business brochures. Discover five ways to create your company’s best marketing brochure. 

1. Revisit Your Brand Design

You’ll want a brochure with beautiful bright colors and modern font. And you’ll want to make sure it features your logo, too. But is your brand modern enough to look good on a brochure?

For some companies, redesigning is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you’ve had your logo for many years. Hire a branding design company to do a revamp before creating your brochure. 

2. Think About Headlines

Headlines are essential for your brochure, as that’s your chance to grab your readers’ attention.

Begin by thinking about your target audience and what it is they need. The headline should either ask a question or provide a statement about the benefits your company has to offer.

That involves some experience in sales copywriting. If you aren’t confident about what to add as a headline, hire a copywriter to compile the text on your behalf. 

3. Use Negative Space

Negative space is the design term for white space in any layout. It’s highly effective when creating custom brochures. It draws the eye to the images and headlines you want your reader to notice. 

Start by laying out your brochure design elements on top of a large white piece of paper. That will help you correct the space and ensure your layout looks appealing. 

4. Choose One Call to Action

A call to action is where you ask your reader to do something. That could be phoning a number, making a booking, or visiting a website.

Avoid asking your reader to do more than one thing, as this will confuse them, and they are more likely to ignore your company brochure if you try that approach.

Instead, make one simple, strong call to action evident in your brochure through color, font, or even icons like arrows. 

5. Use Professional Printing Services

A high-quality printing service will give your brochure the edge over the competition.

Sourcing a printing service will ensure it’s professionally bound with the right type of paper. It will also allow you to choose either a gloss or matte finish. 

You’ve probably noticed the difference between professionally printed leaflets and DIY ones on a home printer. So you’ll understand the difference in quality.

Customers will want to know that your business is the best in your field, and professional brochures printing can help you achieve that. 

Finding Success With Business Brochures

Printing beautiful business brochures can open your marketing up to customers who may have never heard of you. Follow these five tips to make sure you create something that will show your brand in the best light.

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