How Much Does Forklift Service and Repair Cost?

Forklift Service

Do you need a forklift service or repair done?

Forklifts are essential to most businesses. But they are also dangerous machines. They cause injuries and deaths each year.

That’s why it’s important to always have them repaired. They could cause an accident if they aren’t working properly.

But how much does forklift service and repair cost? That depends on a number of factors.

If you want to learn more about forklift maintenance and repair costs, keep on reading.

Type of Forklift

Forklift service and repair costs vary widely based on the type of forklift needed. Internal combustion (IC) forklifts can cost anywhere from $150 to $200 per hour for repair and maintenance, depending on the type needed and the complexity of the issue.

Electric lift truck repair can range between $100 and $300 per hour for overhauls and repairs. Forklifts with older components may require additional service and repair that can add to the cost.

Another consideration is the type of forklift, such as a stand-up, sit-down, or reach truck. Certain parts may be more expensive than others, and the brand of the forklift can also contribute to additional costs. Overall, owners should be prepared to budget anywhere from $0.50 to $2.00 per hour for forklift service and repairs.

Size and Capacity

Generally speaking, the larger the forklift problems and the more powerful the forklift is, the more expensive the service will be-especially if a specialty attachment needs repair or replacement. Any parts necessary for repair can be costly depending on the type and availability of the part.

Common repairs for a large-capacity forklift are typically more expensive than repairs of a smaller-scale model, but this difference in cost can vary based on the severity and complexity of the repair. It’s important to note that the size and capacity of the forklift will dictate service and repair costs in varying ways.

Extent of Repairs

In the case that a few minor cosmetic repairs are required, the cost for this would be relatively minor, usually around $100 to $500. However, for larger scale repairs, such as for a transmission repair, the cost can be upwards of $1000.

Parts needed for repair in certain cases can raise the price significantly. In some cases, a job may have to be done in the field, raising the cost of labor, which can range from $80-$200 an hour. In other cases, a specific part may only be available as a special order, which can also inflate the cost significantly. 

Age and Condition

For instance, if a broken forklift is five years old and well-maintained, it might cost around $1,500 for service and repair. On the other hand, if a forklift is twenty years old and neglected, it could cost up to double the amount, or more, to obtain a full service and repair.

Age and condition are the two biggest factors when it comes to determining forklift service and repair costs. For the best repair services, you should try seeking help with Forklift Repair South in Bend, IN.

Understanding Forklift Service and Repair Costs

Overall, the cost of forklift service and repair varies based on job complexity, needed parts, and difficulty of work. To get an accurate quote, contact a reliable and certified forklift technician or repair shop in your area for help. Don’t wait any longer – contact a professional today to receive a free estimate and see how much it would cost to repair your forklift.

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