Planning A Trip? Here’s Your RV Maintenance Checklist

RV Maintenance Checklist

Are you planning an RV trip in the near future? If so, you may be preparing your camp life for the long haul. Since more people enjoy the RV’s open road, camping has never been more fun. 

With any vehicle, there are bound to be some maintenance issues over the long haul of your trip. This is why it’s always better to prepare in advance with a thorough RV maintenance checklist.

However, read on to learn all the essential RV maintenance tips you need.

Check the Tires, Suspension, Braking System, and Axles

Check the tires for proper pressure and wear on your camper vehicle. Ensure the suspension isn’t damaged or worn, and inspect the braking system for any signs of wear. Prepare for the road ahead by ensuring all axles are properly aligned, and the wheels are tightened. Regularly check the brakes for proper performance and fluid levels to keep your vehicle functioning optimally.

Inspect Your Levelers and Pop-up Jacks

Inspect your jacks and levelers before you leave to ensure they work properly and all parts are in good condition. Check to make sure the handle moves and that the pins are firmly connected. Also, make sure your levelers are not bent or broken.

Please make sure the jacks look in good condition and that the surfaces they are attached to have not been damaged. Don’t forget to check the hitch and stabilizers as well.

Check the Roof and Seals for Leaks

When checking the roof of your motorhome or recreational vehicle, inspecting the seals for leaks is critical. Make sure to check the roof or exterior membrane’s condition for any deterioration.

It is essential to closely inspect all seams, edges, fixtures, and vents to ensure no signs of leakage. It is essential to check the caulking for any openings to ensure it is properly sealed. 

Inspect the Generator, Slide Outs, and Awning

Start the generator, check for any unusual noises or smells, and note any loose wiring. Ensure all outlets are working and fuel and oil levels are correct. Inspect the slide-outs, and listen for any grinding, sticking, or creaking sounds while you move them in and out.

Look for any tears or damage to the seals, and make sure the bearings are lubricated. Inspect the awning and the hardware attached to your RV to ensure everything works properly. 

Check for Storage for Issues

Storage is an important part of RV maintenance when planning a trip. Ensure the compartments are clean and free of debris, mold, or mildew.

Moreover, ensure that rubber seals and gaskets are in good condition and fit snugly. Ensure all screws and mounting hardware are tightened to prevent water leakage.

Ensure the latching mechanisms are working correctly and all levels and latch pins function properly. You can also check out the best covered RV storage options in your area if you need to add additional RV storage. 

Follow This RV Maintenance Checklist for a Stress-Free Camping

Planning a trip in an RV can be exciting and stress-free by following this RV maintenance checklist! Before you hit the road, check this list to ensure your RV is safe and functioning properly. With regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your RV and make lasting memories along the way.

So, get ready to go – do your checklist! Browse our blog for more reads like this!

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