Locked Out of Your Car? 3 Ways to Get Back Into Your Ride

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It’s one of those days when everything goes wrong. The cherry on top came at the end of the day when you realized you locked your keys in the car!

You decided to skip buying a AAA plan, unlike more than 60 million motorists who do have AAA! So, you’re going to pay an arm and a leg if you have to pay a locksmith to unlock your car.

We put together a quick guide with our favorite tips to help you unlock your car without the keys. Keep reading to prepare yourself for a “locked out of car” moment.

1. Keep a Spare Key

The easiest way to prepare for the day you lock your keys in the car is to have an extra key made and hide it on the outside of the car. You can buy special boxes with heavy-duty magnets to hide the spare key in. Then, affix the box in the underside of the wheel well or near the trunk on any steel surface.

Once placed, walk around the car and make sure you cannot see the box where it’s hidden. You don’t want car thieves to see it and have easy access to your car.

2. How to Pop the Lock Yourself

You can buy a lock popping kit from any auto part store. They’re not too expensive and can come in handy for those “locked myself out of my car” moments.

One kind uses a deflated bag that you insert between the door and the window. Then you inflate the bag until you can fit a coat hanger into the gap and unlock the door. Note that those airbags can damage the car if you overinflate them. 

3. Locked Out of Car That Has Keyless Entry

Some newer cars have new locking systems where manufacturers replaced the old-fashioned key with a key fob. When the fob gets near the car, it allows you to unlock the car at the push of a button. But, if you lose your fob or the battery dies, you won’t get into the car!

If you need to know how to unlock a car without keys, you’ll need to call a locksmith like Advanced Locksmith to get a functioning fob again. Keep in mind that after-hours services can incur an extra fee.

The Key To Unlocking Your Car Is Keeping Calm

Don’t beat yourself up over this accident. Almost everyone has locked their keys in their car or locked themselves out of their home at least once!

If this is something that happens more often than you’d like to admit, consider looking for a car that beeps and won’t lock with the keys inside. That way, you don’t need to worry about remembering to grab them when you get out of the car.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned enough to get you out of a “locked out of car” moment. For more helpful articles about cars, technology, lifestyles, and much more, check out the rest of our blog today!

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