How to Improve Your Online Sales Using Digital Marketing

online sales

In the first quarter of 2021 alone, the US made $196.7 billion of online sales. No business can succeed online without a solid digital marketing strategy. 

You may think you have a strategy for marketing, but is it tried and tested or rather a bit random? Are you struggling to make online sales? Is your traffic less than consistent?

Here are some easy-to-follow strategies to boost your online sales. 

1. Have Clear Copy

The simplest tweak you can make to your website is to change the copy. Is your copy compelling? Does it make people want to make purchases from you?

Vague copy that doesn’t tell the customer enough about the product’s benefits puts people off clicking that buy button. 

Get an expert to review your copy. Make sure you are answering as many questions as possible on your sales page. Comfort any barriers to purchase people may have, reassure them they are making the right choice. 

2. Make Purchasing Smooth

The average conversion rate for an e-commerce website is 1%. Attrition (your customers leaving the site before buying) is most probable. 

It would help if you got your customers to check out fast. When they get there, the process needs to be smooth. Give them multiple payment options, make it easy to pay with apple pay, pay pal or a card. 

The less difficult making the purchase is, the more likely the customer is to complete it! 

3. Check the UX of Your Site

Ask for feedback on the user experience of your site. There will be elements you have overlooked.

You want the journey from page to page to be as logical and easy as possible. Can users easily search for the product they want? Can they filter by size and color? 

Your site’s architecture is also important for search engine optimization. If this hasn’t been part of your digital marketing strategy, it needs to be. 

Not sure how to? Then enlist the help of experts. Whatever your niche, there are services for you, for example, these online grocery digital marketing services

4. Offer Discounts to Boost Your Online Sales

One thing that gets customers interested is discounts. Offer first-time buyers a discount to encourage them to buy.

Give people who sign up for your newsletter to get 10% off. This will also benefit your email marketing campaigns. 

Make the discounts you offer limited too. This will encourage people to act now rather than put off their purchase for later. 

5. Prioritize Customer Reviews

Customers read reviews from other customers. They want social proof that what they are purchasing will solve their problem. 

Ask your existing customers to review past purchases in exchange for a discount. Never underestimate the impact of good reviews. 

6. Use Social Media 

Social media marketing isn’t just for brand awareness. Use it to make sales too. You can use the Instagram shop feature or Facebook ads. The options for promoting your business on social channels are endless. 

Start Growing Your Business 

With the right combination of the above techniques, you can start to boost your online sales in no time. 

Have patience; these strategies will take some time to take effect, but when they do, you will be in awe of all the sales you’re making! 

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