Simple Ways to Remove Small Dents From Your Car

Small Dents

Nothing keeps us up at night more than knowing that your precious, your baby, has a dent or a ding. We’re, of course, talking about your car.

Small dents and dings are a fact of life. No matter how diligently you practice defensive driving, you can’t always account for fender benders or falling pine cones.

And a small dent is a dilemma for many. If the damage were severe, you wouldn’t hesitate to take your car to the dealer or a repair shop. But is it worth the money to go to a shop or a mechanic for small dent repair?

If you’re confident with your DIY skills, you can try the methods below on how to fix a small dent in a car. You can save some hard-earned money by doing it yourself.

Let’s get started!

1. The Good Ol’ Plunger Method

You’ve probably heard about this DIY small dent removal method before. Some doubt its effectiveness, and you’re likely also thinking that this method is somehow suspect.

But it works!

Cup plungers can create enough suction to lift the dent right out. All you have to do is wet the plunger and the depression and then start the pumping action. Repeat this a few times until you feel the dent pop out.

2. The Hair Dryer Trick for Small Dents

You can use this DIY approach for dings on the plastic surfaces of your car, such as the front and rear bumper. You’re going to have to prepare a few things: a hairdryer, protective gloves, aluminum foil, and dry ice, or a can of liquefied compressed air.

Heat the dent using the hairdryer for about 30 seconds. The heat should expand the plastic material. Once it’s hot enough, the next step is to cool it quickly to contract the plastic and pop the dent out.

There are two ways to cool down the heated plastic. You can cover the area with aluminum foil then rub the dry ice over the foil (make sure to wear protective gloves). Or, you can spray the area with compressed air to lower the temperature fast.

3. The Boiling Water Technique

Again, this method applies to plastic material. Cars today have plastic bumpers that are pliable enough so that, with a bit of help, you can reach behind the bumper to pop out the dent with your hand.

All it requires is to soften up the stiff plastic a fair amount. That’s why you need the boiling water. Pour the water over the bumper to make the plastic more flexible, and then push the dent out.

4. Invest in a DIY Kit

Are multiple small dents, for example, from hail damage, worth fixing yourself? Yes, but it’s better to use a specialty tool kit.

These DIY kits typically use the suction approach. A pulling attachment (basically a long screw with a suction cup) grips into the middle of the dent. A bridge-type device helps you pull the rod with the suction cup outward to pop out the affected areas.

Save Money With These Easy DIY Repair Tips

Small dents shouldn’t be too much of a bother anymore. Pick any of the above methods that are pretty effective in removing unsightly dings. Of course, if you don’t have faith in your DIY skills, getting it looked at by a pro would be the safer choice.

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