Dehumidifiers For Controlling Moisture Levels And Air Quality In Industries

dehumidifier in India

Excessive moisture and humidity not only cause deterioration in the quality of the end products/stored equipment but are also harmful to human health. Humidifiers are nowadays used in a variety of industries including electronics, food, pharmaceutical, and defense among others to improve the quality of the offerings/products/supplies/equipment and for ensuring good health of employees and personnel involved in the operation.

Excessive humidity can be a big problem in several industries and manufacturing sectors. In these industries that are more sensitive to humidity, climate control measures including dehumidification are important for the storage, production, and transportation of supplies, raw materials, and final goods and products. Apart from spoiling the products directly, humidity also encourages the growth of molds, pathogenic and harmful bacteria, dust mites, and fungus. These harmful growths are detrimental to the health of employees as well. The dehumidifiers can maintain the humidity level in surroundings and interiors at 30% to 50%, thereby providing for a better quality of end products manufactured. Here is how different industries make use of the desiccant dehumidifier (including the portable ones).

Electronics Industry

Many of the electronic products and their manufacturing and assembling processes may be sensitive to do excessive humidity. This may be the case with the semiconductors, transistors, and PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). The electronic industry can use the dehumidifiers for preventing failure of transistors or corrosion of the PCB, among other benefits.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Excessive moisture in the air can lead to undesired biochemical reactions, organic corrosion, and an increase in the growth of microorganisms. These causes can be detrimental to the quality and efficiency of the end medicines and drugs manufactured. Dehumidifiers provide for reliable processing, storing, manufacturing, and transportation processes for medicines.

Food and Beverages industry

High moisture can spoil the crunchy and crispy nature of many of the food products. Humidity can also easily spoil preparations including cakes, biscuits, cheese, wafers, and chocolates among others. Apart from the confectionery products, humidifiers are also utilized in processed meat plants, spice manufacturing units, and breweries and enable them to produce quality offerings and that have a better shelf life.


Proper moisture levels are also required in healthcare facilities including hospitals and clinics. Certain medical instruments may be more susceptible to get damaged in an atmosphere with high moisture and humidity. Such an environment may be more favorable for the growth of microorganisms that can be damaging for the healthcare instruments. The sterilized and quarantine environments also need to be free from high levels of moisture, so that pathogenic growth may not occur. In all these conditions, the use of dehumidifiers is prerequisite.

Leather Industry

Excessive moisture may spoil leather used for manufacturing different kinds of products including shoes and bags. High moisture will facilitate the growth of mildew and mold on the leather pieces. The resultant adverse effects would be loss of luster and shine, false/bad odors, decomposition, and loss of leather strength. A dehumidifier can keep the facility temperature below 40% and preserve leather for longer periods.

Defense and Military Industry

Moisture can lead to the growth of bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens that may spoil the ration of the military. High moisture may also lead to corrosion of equipment and their malfunctioning. That is why important military equipment and weapons including trucks, guns, tanks, and ammunition are stored under proper humidity conditions. The use of a dehumidifier in India in industries provides for a humidity level below 35%, which prevents damage.

Dehumidifiers are also used in other industries including cold storage, turbine, lithium battery and others for the longevity of raw materials and end products, and for improving the work atmosphere and conditions. Leading suppliers have for you high-quality dehumidifiers in India from leading brands that fulfill the dehumidification and moisture control requirements in specific settings and room sizes.

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