5 Creative Storefront Sign Ideas Your Customers Will Love

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, whether it’s in a small town or a thriving city, you likely have other businesses competing for customers’ attention. You have to do something to catch the attention of passersby and draw foot traffic.

One of the most basic ways to do this is to draw attention with a sign. Business signs often introduce customers to what your business does. A well-placed, well-designed sign can go a long way in getting people’s attention. 

Whether you own a business or want to start one, we’ve got the storefront sign ideas that you need! With these five modern storefront sign ideas, you’re sure to see an increase in customer traffic. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Storefront Sign Ideas: Make A Quick Impression

When thinking about making an impression on potential customers, understand you have a time limit. The average person will spend less than ten seconds trying to read your sign.

After all, most people who see it will either be walking on the street or driving down the road. There’s not much time to stop and stare. As such, you need to make a sign that is both attractive and legible. 

You can do this by making discerning choices in the look of your sign. First, establish a clear contrast between the background and text. The ultimate contrast is between black and white. This contrast exemplifies a critical point in color contrast: you need to balance light and dark well.

For instance, if you have a light gray background, you can offset that with deep blue text. Similarly, if you have a black background, light purple shades could pop from the sign. 

Next, make sure there is adequate space between characters. If you put text too close together, it can make it difficult to read, especially for motorists. Lastly, select your font choice carefully.

You want a font that fits the tone of your business. An extreme example of an unprofessional font would be using Comic Sans for a business. 

2. Express Your Identity Directly

A person’s first impression of your store will come from your sign. As such, you should be upfront about who you are and what your business does. For example, for retail signage ideas, you could list in bullets some of the major brands you carry. 

If you run a service-based business, such as a hair salon, you could include your salon’s motto beside your logo. Once again, the key is to be upfront, not to write an essay. If you choose a motto, keep it short and memorable.

So, if you run a salon, the motto could be something as straightforward as, “Fresh looks. Clean cuts.” 

As you consider your storefront sign, ensure your message doesn’t get drowned out with cluttered effects. People love flashy visuals, and rightly so. Effects like lighting or 3D scales do distinguish your sign. 

However, try not to go overboard. You want the hallmark of your sign to be clarity, not confusion. 

3. Advertise Your Prices and Rewards

One of the critical points you want to stress to potential customers is your affordability. By advertising your low prices, customers feel more comfortable examining your services. If you run a pricier business, showcase your rewards program to incentivize people to spend more money. 

After all, if the customer knows your services are within their price range, what’s the harm in looking? Capitalize on that by mentioning your prices in your most visible place. 

4. Using Other Decorations

One of the best trends for modern storefront design ideas is using decorations to complement your sign. Your goal with this method is to establish your business’ identity further. However, this trend also provides an inviting atmosphere for customers.

Take a store like PacSun. This clothing chain specializes in a West Coast style of clothing. When you see one of these stores, whether in a stand-alone location or in a mall, they usually include complementing decorations.

Often, you’ll see the sign above the store entrance. The façade will reflect the store’s theme with beachy colors, often with sandy stone with blue trim. Through the doors, you can see surfboards leaning against the nearest wall. There may even be palm trees outside the front entrance.

All of this serves to create an atmosphere of coastal relaxation. It invites the pedestrian inside to check out what kind of clothes they could buy for their next beach vacation. 

Apply this principle to your store. What service or products do you provide? What sort of atmosphere do you want your business to have? If you live in a particular geographic region, like the mountains or the coast, you can also use decorations and themes that reflect the region’s charm.

5. Sign Types That Pop

We’ve spent a bit of time examining design principles to consider when crafting your signs. In this section, we’ll recommend some sign types that pop, catching the attention of anyone passing by.  

First, you can use 3D signs and a little lighting to create subtle yet attractive visual effects. These signs often work best if you incorporate feminine touches, such as elegant cursive lettering.

Second, you can go with a classic look by installing Channel Letter Storefront Signs. These letters work for all manner of businesses, from restaurants to retail stores. They also pop off the façade, turning your business into its own landmark.

These elements make the structure of the shop look less aggressive, creating a classy and welcoming atmosphere. 

Start Designing Your Sign Today

At this point, you have at least some understanding of storefront sign ideas. However, you can’t spend all your time planning out a stunning sign. Eventually, you have to start designing. Why not start today?

Remember, start with the basics.
Establish a clear contrast in your text and background. Make an upfront statement about your business’ identity and services. So long as you prioritize these, you should be able to create an effective sign.

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out more of our content today!

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