5 Link Building Strategies to Increase Your Google Ranking

link-building strategies

As a popular search engine, Google helps its users find the right businesses that cater to their needs. If you’re a business owner and want Google to recommend your brand to its users, you need a good ranking. However, if you have no idea where to start, you’ll get lost and harm your efforts.

Don’t panic yet.

Read on as we teach you some link-building strategies. It will help you learn ways to increase your website’s ranking in Google. 

1. Great Link-Building Strategies: Create Relevant and High-Quality Content 

This backlink strategy is simple since you’ll always hear this advice from other experts. It’s for a good reason. When it comes to earning a higher ranking, few things can beat high-quality content.

Many websites now write blog posts, so aim for the “skyscraper content strategy.” In this tactic, your goal is to create content ten times better than other existing articles. It sounds labor-intensive and time-consuming, but it’ll be worth it.

How do you exceed the quality of other high-quality articles?

You start by writing more in-depth and comprehensive content. You can include marvelous images and buy backlinks as well. Ensure that your content provides value to your readers.

2. Ask Other Creators to Link to You When They Mention Your Brand

Today, less than 64% of small businesses in the United States have a website or online presence. Those with a company website keep or maintain a blog. When they write content with topics related to your field, they may mention your brand.

It’s normal for these websites to build links leading their readers back to you. However, some will only mention your brand or products. In most cases, they’re inexperienced with building backlinks.

When you find these posts, ask the website to add your links.

Before that, learn how to find brand mentions first. For this task, use brand monitoring or tracking tools like SEOClerks and Ahrefs.

Some tools have a filter feature for unlinked mentions. Use it to find and track them.

Send an email to the website owner. Thank them for the mention before asking them about the links. Your politeness and professionalism will serve as the foundation of meaningful relationships with these websites.

It allows you to further collaborate with them. It’s sustainable and beneficial for both parties since you’ll get exposure.

With guest posts, your shared audience will flock to both websites. It helps them learn more about various topics related to your industry. At the same time, they will see your brand as an authoritative figure, making them more likely to buy from you.

3. Collaborate With Journalists and Bloggers

Don’t send promotional request emails to bloggers or journalists. Consider the value of your offers to their readers as well. Your pitch will stand out more if your offer benefits the blogger or journalist.

Look for newsworthy information they can link to your website. It should be relevant, timely, informative, and educational. You can also use guest posting to build links faster.

When looking for guest posting opportunities, step one is to find your prospects. Look for sites with high traffic, domain authority, and page authority. Next, reach out to the website manager and give them your pitch as you would with a journalist. 

When you get approved, keep their guidelines in mind when writing guest post content. Know their audience and review previous articles. Write it like you’re writing for your company blog. 

4. Host and/or Sponsor Real-World Events 

If you want something more tangible, use real-world events to your advantage. How will this work? Let’s say you’re hosting a real-world event to give opportunities to others or share your talents.

After you create an event, advertise it on third-party event sites. Before long, people interested in your event will click your backlinks. It’s a good strategy if you want high-quality backlinks.

If you don’t want to host an event, sponsor it instead. The hosting company or individual will always promote your business to compensate for your sponsorship. They’ll add all their sponsors’ links, which will improve your backlink strategy. 

Some examples of the events you can sponsor or host are:

  • Donation drives
  • Conferences
  • Awards and competitions
  • Festivals and parties
  • Networking sessions

You can get a lot of backlinks from sponsoring local events alone. Websites like Eventful, Events.org, and MeetUp can help you find national events. Collaborating or sponsoring events will also increase the reach of your brand.

5. Imitate Your Competitor’s Link-Building Strategy 

The online business-to-consumer market reached $2.9 trillion due to the current health situation. Some businesses became more successful after transitioning online. Some already had an online presence, but their sales remained the same. 

Let’s say you already had a website for your small business before the current crisis. How come your competitors are succeeding more? How are they making more money and attracting customers?

One explanation is that your competitors use effective and strong link-building strategies. They might have a bigger budget for hiring link-building services. If you’re a small business owner, you can’t always compete with that.

This is where in-depth link analysis comes in. Observe how your competitors get and use their links. Use tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and SEO Powersuite to accomplish this task. 

Ask yourself which content, links, or posts get the most clicks? Learn from your competitors’ methods and replicate them. Don’t forget to check each URL first before you use it in your posts.

Create an Exceptional Link-Building Plan With These Strategies 

It takes time before you see the effects of these link-building strategies. Make sure you remain constant in your efforts and in maintaining these strategies. 

Regardless, we hope you learned what to do to improve your website’s Google ranking with this guide.

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