Compelling Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Shopify Store

If sales for your ecommerce store are on the sluggish side, then you’re probably going to need to do something about it. Fortunately, there are many things that you CAN do about it and that’s precisely what we analyze here. We shall be looking at the basic fundamentals of how to go about this work, which can be done by yourself (if you have the time) or be outsourced to a professional agency. 

Get your Store Optimized For Searches

One of the key elements required for a steady flow of site traffic is that your store is optimized to rank well with the main search engines – namely Google. This means getting your SEO up to scratch, which means having the content, meta descriptions, image tags and much more as they should be. 

There’s no getting around the fact that this is a job for specialist professionals that you’ll find at reputable brand consultants and other similar agencies. 

Use Content to Market Your Wares

Another way to increase the size of your base of loyal customers is to create content that tells the world about how great your products are and illustrates your industry authority. We’re talking about blogs, videos and much more that gives you the room to really dig down into what your potential customers want to hear about. 

Create Nice Guest Posts to Extend Your Reach

Search algorithms love authority and there’s no better way of getting that than by creating guest posts to go on platforms and sites that have it in abundance. You have to remember that these sites are under no obligation to accept your guest post and there’s sometimes a bit of back-scratching that has to go on i.e. you might have to agree to provide a bank link or two in return – but that depends on who you’re talking about.

Align Yourself With Industry Influencers

Social platforms are there to be used to promote your business and even after a short while on them, you’ll begin to become familiar with the biggest and most well-known influencers in your field. The good news is that by commenting and ‘liking’ their posts, you can slowly begin to become associated with this influencer and given time, they may start to follow you back – something that a good digital agency will be particularly adept at. 

Using Professionals to Get The Job Done

As you can see, there’s more than a thing or two that you can do to improve your visibility online, with these tips representing just a selection of what’s possible.

The big question for many is whether to do it themselves or outsource it to an expert agency and in our experience, it’s the latter that ends up being the most cost-effective and the choice that delivers the results that you’re ultimately looking for. 

Creating an SEO strategy is not a simple thing, so you could waste days trying to figure out how to do it yourself and you’re not guaranteed to get it right either. That means you might spend hours and hours away from your core work (that makes you money) unnecessarily.

Not only is a professional agency equipped with the skills and the knowledge to get the job done, but they’re also accountable, as they know you won’t keep using them if they don’t deliver. With an agency working for you, their cost of employing is usually far outweighed by the extra sales they generate.

Of course it’s up to you, but the wisdom certainly lies in understanding the merits of spending money to make money. It’s your prerogative, but we know what we would do and we’re pretty sure that it would result in a favorable outcome.

Try out both and you’ll see for yourself. It’s the long way around, but we think it will show that we are right.