How influencer marketing affects consumer buying behavior?

influencer marketing

Social media has become an essential communication tool in today’s time. People worldwide use social media to connect with other people, other organizations, express their thoughts, etc. Social media platforms are growing in popularity by the day. People use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter to share their knowledge, views, experiences about product services and more. Recent studies have shown that some people rely on the information and the reviews on social media before planning their future trips, purchases, etc. 54% of social app browsers use social media to research products before purchasing them. Here are certain ways in which social media influences consumer behavior.

With every passing day, the number of users on social media is increasing. Consumers look for authentic recommendations and reviews over social media, and that is where influencer marketing service gains popularity.

Building Product Awareness

There is a massive influence of social media influencers on a consumer who is looking to buy a product. Whenever people want to buy a product or opt for a certain service, they look for recommendations and ratings. This is where a good influencer marketing plan can do wonders. Influencers inform the consumers about the product/ service through their social accounts and increase brand awareness which in turn increases sales. If your brand does not have a social media presence in today’s world through influencer marketing service, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to tap many consumers.

Improve Customer relationships

According to market research, around 77% of consumers have relationships with brands because of influencers, and about 61% of the loyal consumers make an extra effort to shop from their favorite brands always. These numbers outline that influencer marketing can help establish a connection with the target group and form a stronger brand image. But to do that, you need to get your brand to target your customer group and build connections with their generation to gain popularity, which can be done via influencer marketing service.

Improve buying decisions

Influencer marketing involves telling stories that customers relate to in a better way. Stories help in sharing the brand messages to the potential customer group better. They relate to consumers personally by assisting them with their problems without making it a hard sale. Social media influencers don’t just put up an ad of the product in their feed. They explain the product in detail and what the consumer should expect from it, whether the product will be a good value for money or not, etc. Influencer marketing helps consumers get their questions answered before purchasing the product, which instills their faith in the product.


Annalect and Twitter found that Twitter users show a 5.2-time increase in their purchasing intent for a particular product when exposed to promotional content for the same from influencer marketing service or influencers. Additionally, 49% of people say that they rely on the recommendations of influencers when they make a purchase decision. Looking at these numbers, it has become pretty evident that influencer marketing services and user-generated content creation affect the buying decision of consumers to a vast extent. Celebrities and micro-influencers have the power to monetize influencer marketing by helping brands grow.

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