6 Mistakes Home Sellers Make and How to Avoid Them

Home Sellers

Did you know that the average value of a home in the United States was $428,700 in early 2022? That is an increase of nearly $100,000 compared to last year. If you are trying to sell a home, you realize that there have never been higher stakes for you. You want to get the most for your home, but you may not realize what mistakes home sellers make along the way.  No worries. This guide will show you six things to avoid when preparing homes for sale. 

1. Not Setting a Fair Price

The first thing that you want to avoid is not setting a fair price for your home. Even in a seller’s market, potential home buyers will do their research when it comes to alternative options. 

If there are too many similar options near you that offer a better value, people are going to pass over your house. When that happens and your house is left on the market for too long, you will eventually be forced to lower your price and lose all of that time. 

2. Not Doing Minor Repairs 

Another thing that you will want to do is any minor repairs that can increase the value of your home. This can be things such as holes in the wall, a fresh coat of paint, replacing a door, or even a small plumbing or electrical issue. 

A home inspector will notice this, and as a result, a buyer might make you a lower offer on your home than what it would cost to fix those minor issues. 

3. For Sale By Owner

Some sellers are resistant to giving a percentage of their sales commission to a real estate agent. However, by selling a home yourself, you are also creating a lot more work. 

You have to do all of the marketing work for your home, you have to do all of the negotiating, you have to do all of the paperwork to close your sale, and you have no one to help you. Typically, people that try to sell their homes themselves also sell them for less than what a real estate agent would get for them. 

4. Poor Photo Quality 

If a seller does not make a genuine effort with the photos they are posting of their house, they may not see the buyers that they are looking for. You have to make an internet presence for yourself, and having professional photos of your home will help you with this. 

5. Forgetting to Clear Clutter

When people walk around a home, they do not want to imagine someone else already living in their home. Clear up clutter such as clothes, toys, and dirt so that potential buyers can leave the potential of your home to their imagination. 

6. Forgetting Closing Costs 

Finally, when you are selling a home, make sure you factor closing costs into your listing price. These can be things such as commissions for a real estate agent, lawyer’s fees, home inspector costs, and more. 

Avoid These Mistakes Home Sellers Make 

These are six mistakes home sellers make that you should avoid. If you read the tips above and take these into consideration before closing your home sale, you should have a successful home sale. 

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