4 Incredible Benefits of Telehealth


The global telehealth market size was nearly $85 billion in 2022. Experts say the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24% until 2030, which is staggering. But what is telehealth? Telehealth services are the delivery of healthcare over the Internet. They use different telecommunications methods. Examples include live video conferencing, mobile health apps, and remote patient monitoring (RPM). 

If you’re thinking that sounds pretty cool, it is! Plus, it comes with significant benefits for doctors and patients. Read on to learn four fantastic benefits of telehealth. 

1. Convenience 

Booking a virtual telehealth appointment provides more care opportunities for more patients. This helps to overcome healthcare disparities that affect underserved communities. 

For example, patients in rural areas have difficulty receiving care. Traveling to a healthcare facility takes more time and money. There is also a shortage of doctors in these communities. This means they need to travel further for care.

Elderly patients can use telehealth to get the care they need from the comfort of their homes. And all without the risks of seeing a doctor in their office. This has been especially useful during the pandemic.

Plus, appointment scheduling software makes arranging appointments with specialists that much easier.

2. Better Patient Outcomes

Telehealth medical care lowers the risk of infection. This reduces complications or potential disease progression for patients.  

There are also more opportunities to educate patients about treatment plans using telehealth. For instance, doctors can zoom in on scans or provide self-injection videos. This direct and flexible communication improves patient satisfaction. 

Managing chronic conditions is also easier with telehealth. Doctors can provide more continuous care and avoid gaps in appointments. Doctors can also see patients in their homes. This helps them get a sense of environmental factors that could be affecting their health.

3. Increase Collaboration Between Medical Services

Telehealth makes collaboration between medical disciples faster and easier. Optimized communication allows consulting physicians to attend a virtual appointment last minute. It also enables specialists to step in and provide their expertise. 

When doctors from different disciplines work together, patients receive better care. Increased collaboration leads to improved patient well-being.

4. Cost Savings

Telehealth cuts general expenses for health clinics, such as:

  • Front desk support 
  • Hospital add-ons
  • Space for extra examination rooms

These savings can significantly increase cash flow. But patients also experience savings. Many insurance plans now cover telehealth services.

Patients who don’t need to travel to and from the doctor forgo travel expenses. This is most beneficial for rural communities.

Additionally, there are long-term healthcare savings. This is because patients have better access to preventative care. 

The Benefits of Telehealth

These four benefits of telehealth are just the tip of the iceberg. Convenience, cost savings, better patient outcomes, and increased collaboration are excellent. But there are many more benefits to discover. 

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