9 Factors to Consider when Purchasing Land in Victoria

Purchasing Land in Victoria

Are you thinking of purchasing land to construct a home?  Well, if you answered yes, this article is purposely created for you.  Typically, there are numerous factors that you should consider before settling on a particular piece of land. 

Indeed, nothing thrills like walking on a new piece of land, breathing in the fresh air, and starting to plan for the new house.  The process of acquiring land may not be easy, but it is worth the hustle.  It is a big step you should take with ultimate care and consideration.  This article reveals the most crucial factors considered while finding land to buy for building your dream home or cabin. 

Consider partnering with a real estate agent

Looking for land to buy may be easy since there are many listings on various sites.  However, there are so many considerations before you can settle on a particular piece of land.  That is why you need an agent to help you out.  The agents can also help you in finding the right conveyance lawyers, land sellers, or other service providers in the area.  Note that the agents know the areas better than anyone else.  Thus, they can help you. 

Hiring agents will:

  • save your time
  • save you from potential land scams
  • saves you money
  • Relieves the burden for land searching and all other hard tasks related to land buying

Thus, hire an experienced property agent to help you throughout the process. 

Lot Size

You can find multiple listings for land for sale in Officer, VIC  on various sites.  However, the top consideration should be the size of land that you need.  This is basically a matter of an individual’s preference.  For example, you may need a lot of space so that you can walk your pets with zero disturbance from other people. 

More space opens up many possibilities.  You can establish outbuildings, engage in hobby farming, and have some fun with dirt bikes or even four-wheelers.  However, keep in mind that more land demands higher property taxes and upfront costs.  But that should not worry you since the end goal is to find land that caters to your needs.  Just make sure you are financially prepared to buy land. 


Location is a great factor of consideration when buying land.  This factor helps you find an area without floods, insect infestation, poor drainage, and much more.  Besides, some locations offer prime land while others are less-preferred.  Each of the various locations offers its pros and cons.  Some have access to everything you may need, while others have little access to the most crucial needs such as roads, amenities, etc. 

Thus, you can choose the location you deem right for you.  Consider why you need the land.  This will help you in finding the right piece of land for the project you need to establish.  For example, if you intend to establish residential apartments, you should choose a location that offers good returns. 

Proximity to Town

The next consideration should be proximity to the nearby town.  Besides, you should ensure that this town can cover your needs.  For example, you will require groceries almost on a daily basis.  In addition, you need healthcare services and may also want to get yourself some farming tools from the hardware store. 

Thus, it would be best if you thought about how far you will have to travel to buy groceries, seek medical help, or even other necessities.  It is not a good idea to buy land blindly only to find out that you will require an airlift to get to the nearest medical Centre when emergencies occur. 

Road Access

The beautiful piece of land is good, but it won’t be easy to enjoy it with little access to roads.  For example, it would be hard to live in a land where you must hike for about two miles before you can get to the main highway.  Therefore, you must evaluate road access right from the piece of land you intend to buy. 

Access to the Electrical Grid

Once you have factored in access to roads, proximity to the nearest town, and lot size, it is time to ensure you will enjoy uninterrupted electricity.  Thus, if the area has good electricity lines, it is a perfect spot for you.  However, if it lacks a good power connection, you would better go to other areas with better power grid connections.  Apart from the good looks of the area, ensure it is well-powered by the electricity company. 

Internet and Cell Service

Times have come when it is a bit difficult to live without internet access.  That is why you have to ensure the land you buy is close to internet service providers.  In addition, you should make sure the area has good cell signal strength to help you stay in touch with your relatives, business associates, and friends.  Ideally, it would be best if you never bought a piece of land with sketchy cell and internet services unless that is a hot selling point for you. 

Proximity to Water

Yes, you need water all through your days in the new land.  Be it for domestic use, farming, or maintaining the yard, you need water.  You can decide whether you need access to a river, a reservoir, piped water, or any other source of water.  However, the most important aspect is to make sure you can get water for use without much struggle. 

Property Taxes

Property taxes undoubtedly are not a glamorous topic of consideration, especially when scoping out a piece of land.  However, they are a crucial factor nonetheless.  You can ask the local real estate agents about property taxes in the region.  If you are not working with any agents, you can seek details from the local landowners with similar property to the one you need. 


Buying land will be easy if you adhere to the considerations shared in this article.  Note that each of the factors is important.  Thus, you do not have to overlook any of them.  Eventually, you will find a piece of land with good access to amenities, prime location, water, electricity, and much more.  Besides, you should partner with a real estate agent to help you search for land, buy, and more. 

Finally, ensure you create more time.  Land buying requires more time in handling the entire process, and your presence is highly recommended.  Thus, consider the shared factors, and you will find the right land for your residential project, farming project, or any other project you intend to establish.