Considerations for choosing the office floor

Real estate companies in the UAE

The choice of an office floor goes beyond aesthetic issues, especially if it is a corporate where the flow of a person is a crucial factor. Therefore, when choosing the storey, the first thing you should ask yourself is, why and where are we going to use it? 

On the other hand, it is important to establish the persistence of its cleanliness, how long it is expected to last, the duration of its exposer to moisture, water or sun. All this will help us identify the ideal material according to its use. Once this is clear, it is necessary to consider the following: 

Subfloor Status 

The quality of the new installation is highly dependent on the subfloor below. For best results, it is important for the floor to be dry, free of moisture, stable and level, as this implies a higher amount of works and expenses. 

Humidity and temperature 

In the case of wooden, laminate and floating floors, it is essential to take into account the humidity of the environment so that the wood does not swell and be damaged. Temperature changes also affect the contraction and expansion movement of materials. 

Time and mode of installation 

A glue-free adhesion system of the floating laminate flooring can take a weekend and save on labour. Other methods are different or require professional installation. Take this detail into account before selecting. 


For the warranty to be valid, the product must be placed as directed. Any damage that the floor presents must be the result of a manufacturing failure and not a wrong placement. Make sure the material you buy is guaranteed. 

Modular carpet and vinyl floors the favourites for corporate use 

Vinyl floors are an excellent choice for corporate spaces because the floor is more resistant to friction due to the large circulation of people. Moreover, it is safe because of its non-slip and easy to maintain texture. Besides, the vinyl floor offers acoustic, thermal insulation and has different models and colours to compose the decoration of an office. 

On the other hand, modular carpets are also widely used for their variety of colours and for being a more comforting material for cold seasons, and pleasant on hot days because they do not transmit heat. Like the vinyl floor, they have acoustic insulation, and the aesthetic result is the great differentiator that makes this, preferred for corporate spaces. 

Daily Cleaning: 

With a vacuum cleaner, cleaning brush and stain remover, 99% of cleaning needs can be achieved. How? Well, since dirt is not allowed on the back of the carpet (since it acts as a surface barrier), the vinyl floor is easy to clean. 

The great news is that if you don’t know what material to use, it is not necessary to make a radical decision you can hire a maintenance company to do so. Now the modular carpets found their perfect combination: LVT, the interface vinyl floor collection. The new LVT collection includes 36 vinyl floors that can be used in any space combined with modular carpets, creating a harmonious and unique environment. This compatibility allows customers to explore new design possibilities, creating innovative textures in all types of applications and surfaces. 

On the other hand, Interface vinyl floors do not require glue and are guaranteed for 15 years. In addition, they are certified for their very low VOC emissions. Make sure you keep in mind these useful considerations when coordinating with Real estate companies in the UAE