Why Do You Need It Industrial Cyclone Dust Collectors for Industry?



If you look after a plastic processing facility, then you surely need to purchase an industrial cyclone dust collector for it. The work that is done by this machine is simple but quite necessary. You need to use dust collectors in plastic processing facilities since the conventional high-speed vacuuming system can get damaged easily by the plastic flakes. This is due to the high speed at which these flakes get vacuumed by conventional vacuum conveying systems. While soft plastic pellets might stick to the tubes and melt to leave the material behind, pellets of hard plastic might shatter or chip. These can cause a hindrance in your plastic production facility as these pellets burn more quickly than undamaged pellets.

What is the Solution? 

Industrial Cyclone Dust Collectors

Industrial Cyclone Dust Collectors

Hence, you need to add an industrial cyclone dust collector to your conventional vacuuming system. This way, the performance of the dust filtering screen of the vacuuming system gets enhanced. These dust collectors increase not only the efficiency but also the durability of such dust filtering screens. When you purchase an industrial cyclone dust collector, you have to place it just in front of the filtering screen. The filtering screen of the vacuuming system is placed near the vacuum pumps of the conveying system. The working mechanism of the dust collector is fascinating. As the air gets pulled in, it moves inside the industrial cyclone dust collector in a cyclonic manner. A centrifugal force is created inside the cyclone dust collector. This cyclonic motion leads the heavier debris towards the wall of the dust collector. These dust particles then hit the wall and lose their velocity. Ultimately, they fall into the collection bin at the bottom of the dust collector. This is how a cyclone dust collector works differently than a normal dust collector.

Advantages of Adding An Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector

There are several advantages of using an industrial cyclone dust collector. The first advantage is that it protects the fixed filter screens. The amount of dust that is captured in these screens gets reduced, and hence, it remains cleaner. These screens are difficult to gain access to, and thus, it is a huge pain to clean such screens. By using an industrial cyclone dust collector, you do not have to clean the filtering screen regularly. Another advantage of a cyclone dust collector is that it increases the maintenance interval that is associated with equipment for dust collection. Your work will get reduced as you only need to empty the bag occasionally. The third advantage is that an industrial cyclone dust collector almost reduces the risk of facing conveyor performance problems. It also prevents the vacuum pump from getting damaged due to clogging of the fixed filter screens. Since the need to clean the filter screens is reduced, problems that arise due to the re installation of the screens after cleaning are eliminated.

Industrial Cyclone Dust Collectors

Industrial Cyclone Dust Collectors

Common Areas Where It Is Used

An industrial cyclone dust collector is used in several different areas where a huge amount of dust particles are generated. These areas include mining, cement, wood, and metal industries. It is a popular choice to use such kind of dust collectors in highly combustible areas with combustible dust particles such as wood industry.

Thus, now you know why industrial cyclone dust collector is a must along with your conventional vacuuming conveyor system. It acts as a per-cleaner. Such cyclonic dust collectors remove the majority of the larger particles of dust. It is quite affordable, as well as durable. In the long run, you will not regret investing in such a machine.

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