Working processes of New York International Service Center & USPS


If you use US postal services, you may have heard of ISC New York NY, or you may have heard of ISC New York NY USPS while tracking your mail and packages.

 Most people consider it a fake message, but it is not a fake one. It is an automated tracking message. So in this post, we will discuss above the process and facility of ISC New York NY USPS Service Center.

New York international service center (ISC New York NY USPS) is a place in the United States where all the mails and packages arrive and are processed after being checked by customs. After checking, the packages and mails all are sent to their final destination.

It is the facility where all the mails and packages ready to dispatch for their final destination through different flights. But the update process after the dispatch takes some time. The main reason behind this is that all the packages are in one container, and it is not possible to read the barcode at that time, which is why no updates are made until the packages reach the final destination and are removed from the container for sorting.

Sometimes people start panicking after seeing the message that “your item has been processed through our facility in ISC New York NY USPS” and if they don’t receive the package within 4-5 days. So let us clear that what is the meaning of this message. This message means that your package has landed at the airport or arrived at the ISC service center but, this does not mean that your package has gone through customs.

Sometimes the USPS does not want to be involved in your problem. And a customer sees that his item has been processed through customs. In this way, the USPS is used to tell its customers that they have no access to the package and why Customs is holding its packages.

Final Words:

International service center of New York sends mails and packages to other countries through flights. In some cases, the package owner has to wait for some days to receive his package. There is no need to worry, but yes, if you think that you lost your package, then you can follow the instruction mentioned on the CBP website. By following those instructions, you can track your lost package only if CBP has that package.

FAQ 1: What does ISC New York NY mean?

Answer: ISC New York NY stands for New York International Service Center. They mainly provide postal services for different countries. All the mails and packages are sent to their final destination through flights. 

FAQ 2: What does ISC New York NY USPS mean?

Answer: ISC New York NY USPS stands for (New York international service center United States Postal Services). The service center works for sending posts from the US to other countries. 

FAQ 3: What does ‘processed through ISC New York’ mean on USPS tracking?

Answer: It means that a plane with packages has landed at the airport or all the packages arrived at the ISC service center. It does not mean that all the packages have gone through customs. 

FAQ 4: How long ISC NY USPS customs hold a package?

Answer:ISC NY USPS will hold a package from 1 to 14 days. This time duration depends on the different factors like workload, time of year, country of origin, type of packaging, etc. 

FAQ 5: Usually, how long can it take for a small package to clear the process of USPS ISC?

Answer:The main function of ISC is to send mail and packages to the next level. And at that time the package owners are not able to track their package because it is on the way to reach the final destination

FAQ 6: If a package has been at the ISC New York, NY (USPS) for 12 days. Is this normal?

Answer: Yes, this is normal maybe the package is in the custom if it is coming from the US to another country. At that time, you cannot track your package as it will be on route to reach the destination.

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