Hold Rel Mem Cr- Significance, Reasons, and Consequences

Hold Rel Mem Cr

The term Hold Rel Mem Cr stands for hold relinquished member credit. It is a temporary hold on your deposit funds that Chase Bank specifically uses. It indicates a pending credit to your account. The status directly relates to a large deposit.

#Possible Reasons and Consequences of hold rel mem cr

Hold Rel Mem Cr status usually shows up in your account when your financial institution requires more time to settle the paying funds. It happens after you deposit the check and the other bank is taking time to pay off the funds in your account. By this time, you are not allowed to make any transaction from your account.

As a consequence of which a temporary hold is noticed in your account balance. Despite this, you will be given relaxation on a certain amount of funds from your account. During this time, the account holder is not given access to his full amount in the account. Despite this, they allow a small portion of the funds to be readily available for your use.

If still, you require more, you can directly apply for a quick loan in case of emergency.

#Steps to follow

Firstly, you don’t have to panic if you see this error code in your account. It does not relate to cheque return or anything. It is just associated with the fund transfer of cheques from the paying bank.  Though the transaction has stopped for your account, still, it is only a temporary hold. This hold will be released in a certain time duration, and you will get access to the whole amount in your account.

#Undeliverable Email

You may have to face the issue named “undeliverable emails”. In this case, keep calm and See process takes time and sometimes numerous attempts. If chase claims that their statement emails are not reaching you, they will do it with a different business card. So don’t get frustrated over the issue.

#Exact Reason 

The reason behind this hold is the check you deposited in the bank. It is because your bank is taking time to get funds from the paying bank. Once the funds are received, this temporary hold time ends.

#Required time for temporary hold to release

The hold time duration may vary according to your check amount, due date, and the paying bank. If you want to know about the exact time duration, you can contact chase employees for the same issue.

#Contact customer care support for more details

If you still have any doubt about hold rel mem cr, then don’t hassle, as the Chase bank is 24 X 7 available to help their customers. You can contact the customer care support of JP Morgan Chase. The contact number is 1-800-935-9935.

#Frequently asked questions:

1. What does hold rel mem cr signify?

 To be precise, it specifically means that there is a temporary hold on your bank account. Once it is released, the money has been again made available to you for use. You can continue the transactions in your account as the way before.

2. Will I get the money in my account before the due date?

Yes, it is a temporary hold because your financial institution is trying to get in the other bank’s payment. The other bank is the bank of the deposited check.

3. Does hold release memo credit mean stopped transaction?

 The answer to this question is no. It comes after the hold gets released on your account so that you can now continue using the money in your account. You will be soon out of the stoppage.

4. What if I need money urgently?

Ans. If an individual needs money, then you can apply for quick loans. In this way, you can use loans until this whole process gets settled.


There are very few sources that reveal clear information on this hold rel mem cr code. Therefore, do not get tensed over the situation. It is just a temporary hold after releasing which, everything will get back to normal.

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