How Did Squidward Died: The Story Behind the Trend

How Did Squidward Died

Fictional characters sometimes might be a lot close to us. Sometimes we don’t even like to see them dying. Not only that, but sometimes we can’t even accept the fact that any of the characters have died. Still, there are some situations where you will have to face the death of some characters. So, you will need to know some stories about that too. The same happened to Squidward, and you might have also seen some viral posts. So, keep scrolling to know how did Squidward died and why this went viral.

Who Is Squidward?

Before you go ahead and look for the story behind the death and the reasons behind that, you need to know who this character is. You might have remembered SpongeBob from your childhood. This was no doubt a famous animation cartoon. There were several characters, and Squidward was one of them. You might have noticed the octopus in that show; yes, he was Squidward. He indeed died in the show, and the reason was basically unknown. That is why this has become a mystery to the audiences. You might also be one of them and now looking for How Did Squidward Died?

The Story behind the Death

During the show, there were some situations where you have got to understand that Squidward had died. Not only that, but it was something like suicide. He was in a room, and there was loud screaming. After that, there was a deep voice in which the other person told Do It! Then there was a shotgun that was in his mouth. Then the camera got a pan, and the sound of the shooting got heard. After that boom, you have only seen his dead body. This was the basic story behind How Did Squidward Died.

There might be several reasons he committed suicide, but this was basically unknown to everyone. That is why people are really trying to know the reason. As there was no particular and solid cause behind the suicide or death, people are looking for a conspiracy theory. It is true that conspiracy theories are really interesting across the globe and all people.

How did The Story Become Viral?

For the first time, the website known as Creepypasta started with this one. They started with the conspiracy theory inside the show. While you will look for the basic reason that might cause him to die or suicide, you will get a story. After this website, many people have taken this one for their stories and short videos. Having a conspiracy theory in it, people are really able to find some spices in this story. The reason for getting viral is the people thinking about this and reacting to these stories and the facts. This viral option is not just there on TikTok, but you will be able to find this one as viral on some other places and websites too.

There are some other points for this one to become a mystery. For example, no one even knows who that person with the deep voice was. Also, no one knows why there was any quarreling with SpongeBob in the prior hand. People have been searching for these answers for a long time, but as there are no such fixed answers, people are getting more interested. That is why you can go ahead and find this conspiracy story as a viral one.


Once you will look for How Did Squidward Died, you will get some elaborations and theories. But unfortunately, there is no such fixed answer to that, so people are looking for the story behind this. So, it’s time to look behind the conspiracy theory of death. Also, you might have a desire to solve the conspiracy theory behind death. All of these factors have made the story viral in different places, where you will get to know about the end time of Squidward.

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