How to Choose Basketball Hoop for Home

Basketball Hoop

Basketball is one of the most amazing outdoor sports that can be played by every age group. It is considered to be the most fun-loving fitness game, which boosts your inner self and motivates you to stay fit.

How to buy a Basketball Hoop for your home

You can take the pleasure of playing basketball in your own house, by having a hoop that fits your court.

Getting one basketball hoop installed at your home would give you joyful experiences of improving the quality of your play.

You can also get it to shoot free-throws when you have spare time.

How to start with buying the best hoop that fits into your bucket list?

Preferred Location

You need to prioritize location first when you plan to buy a basketball hoop. You need to ensure that you have an area with plenty of space.

A surface that is flat, paved is the best choice to get your hoop installed. If you prefer to place the basketball hoop on the street or sidewalk, make sure that you meet the safety requirements.

At times your neighbors can prohibit installation on these public places, so check with the people of your locality, before getting it done.

Variety of Hoops

Once you are done with the location and space, you can start looking for a variety of hoops that are available. Each and every hoop available has benefits of its own having designed for a variety of players.

In-Ground hoops

These are fastened into the ground with cement, which makes them a good option for people who want it to be a part of their homes for a long time. They usually come with an adjustable height setting, with respect to the availability of players of varying skills and sizes.

Portable hoops

The portable hoops are stand-alone units that have wheels making them easy to move. They can be adjusted and accommodated as per your preferences. They have bases that range in size and capacity, usually ranging from 27 to 42 gallons while many have a base weighed down with other materials.

Most of the portable hoops come with features like height adjustability settings, which are beneficial for parents whose young players are observing continual growth.

Mounted hoops

The mounted hoop is basically mounted on a support.  For example, an exterior wall. They offer superior stability, and you get a court within a limited room. Many such hoops are installed at a fixed-height with some that can be adjusted as per your preference.

What is the backboard?

The backboard is an important part of the basketball equipment. It is a raised vertical board with an attached basket that consists of a net suspended from a hoop.  Made up of a flat, rigid piece of Plexiglas or tempered glass it offers safety of glass in case of accidents.

Types of backboard

Depending upon the kind of material used to make backboards following are the classifications:

Tempered Glass

This material is used at the pro level. It offers players a similar bounce and spins they’ll find in fitness clubs or gyms.


These hoops can be availed at a comparatively lower price. They are lightweight and work without much support. Experienced players might notice different bounces or spins than they will see at the gym.


These backboards are highly durable and offer similar bouncing quality as acrylic. They are designed in order to withstand the elements.

A check on other essentials

After you’ve decided the type and kind of hoop and backboard fits into your requirements, you will now check out the rest of the hoop making process.


The standard rim rise on a basketball hoop is 18” in diameter. Nowadays most of the hoops come with a spring-loaded rim. The spring may be open in some low-price hoops while those with a high price have the springs closed to help protect it from the elements.


Round poles are typically meant for portable and small ground options. It is made out of multiple pieces; these are not designed with a thought of dunking. A square-shaped pole holds up better against shaking and vibrations. These components provide immense support for heavy backboards as well as players looking for a dunk.


 Hoops commonly made up of nets are generally composed of nylon fiber.  But you can also use a chain-link net, which can have a long lifespan but is prone to developing a layer of rust if left out in wet rains. You can also add as per your choice or preference.

The Bases

It is exclusively meant for portable basketball hoops. They are typically filled with water or sand to have the hoop kept grounded. In a cold climate, a small amount of antifreeze in the base will help keep water from turning into a block of ice.

Final Words

The above information will surely guide you in buying the best basketball hoop for your home and enjoy your game to the fullest.