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Cosmetic tattooing is a cosmetic technique that makes use of tattoos to resemble makeup. The permanent pigmentation of the skin is often used for eye lining, area around the lips, redefining the eyelids or adds colours to the skin of the face. Creating artificial eyebrows is the most popular segment of cosmetic tattooing. However, there are several factors that can impact the results, such as the age of the person, the exposure to sun and individual lifestyles. The cosmetic tattooing artist may need to retouch the permanent makeup so that it looks its best as the colour value can change over time.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo

It is not uncommon to see advertisements regarding cosmetic tattooing in the medal and beauty services. The commonest and popular term used for such tattooing is permanent cosmetics or permanent makeup. The popularity and the demand for cosmetic tattooing artists continue to grow as the idea appeals to people from all walks of life. Whenever you go in for permanent makeup, be wary of complications that can arise such as allergies, infections, and blistering of the skin. Ensure that you choose the right studio for cosmetic tattooing.

A reputed Cosmetic tattooing studio:

An expert and experienced studio carry ample experience with permanent makeup. Get referrals and read reviews before you make an appointment. The studio should have licenced and certified Cosmetic tattooing artists and make use of disinfected and sterilized tattooing instrument. The studio should comply with the standard precautions and codes of safe practice when working on their customers. The tattoo artist should wear protective gears when working on their customers. Compare the cosmetic tattooing costs when looking for a studio and go for the one that offers the best value for money services.

In earlier times, when the art of cosmetic tattooing was in its infancy, the results were not very satisfactory. However, today, the technology and devices have made a significant improvement in the field, and it is possible to achieve the desired look without looking fake or artificial. The artist has to take the required cosmetic tattooing training before he can work on a customer in a studio.

Here are some of the areas on the face and body that can be worked upon with cosmetic tattooing.

  • The lips and eyebrows – These are the most common areas to work upon
  • The eye line – clients, look for a well-defined eyeliner
  • Create beauty spots – Several times, clients ask for beauty spots on their face or neck.

Medical cosmetic tattooing is different from typical cosmetic tattooing, and the procedure is carried out for those who have their body or skin damaged due to accidents and surgery. Medical tattooists primarily work with burn victims or those with cleft palates or scars.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo

Now that you have decided to go to a particular tattoo parlour to get cosmetic tattooing, you should be clear about what to expect and the different inks that are used. Remember that the final result should be natural and doesn’t look fake at all. Once the tattooing is done, follow the instructions carefully on how to maintain the permanent makeup so that it can last for a longer time and doesn’t need a frequent retouch. People with oily skin are generally more resistant to colour while those with dry ski find the inks to last much longer. One can apply sunblock creams or ointments on the tattooed area and make sure to go for the follow-up appointment to the cosmetic tattooing artist. Avoid any peels in the first few moments to make the colours also longer. Take good care of your skin and the cosmetic tattooing as you have made efforts and put in your money.

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