Everything You Must Know About Modern Lip Enhancement with Injections

A pair of fuller and plumper lips certainly reminds you of those vibrant, youthful days, right? Well, then you are not the only one. Almost everyone, who’s past his/her prime days and standing on verge of old age sigh for those lips. Lip fillers involve a cosmetic procedure that gives you back fuller and plumper lips of those bygone days. It is a very popular cosmetic skin care treatment all over the world. A renowned aesthetic skincare surgeon in Edmonton points out that the latest version of lip augmentation treatment involves a dermal filler, which is injected into the lips for desired results. 

Varieties of inject-able dermal fillers are available in the market to overhaul the lips. But our doctor in Edmonton says lip enhancement in modern times is all about hyaluronic acid. This substance is a natural component of your body. It is a unique item in the range of products that enhances the volume of your lips. This variety of dermal fillers is also popularly known as hyaluronic acid fillers

The evolution of dermal fillers in lip enhancement has reduced the demand for collagen. This is because the latest option is safer with long-lasting results. Even other alternative techniques – like fat injections and implants – that were popular in the past have turned obsolete. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers are superior

Unlike almost every alternative procedure, the hyaluronic acid fillers overhaul the appearance of the lips in terms of volume, shape, and structure. In addition to that, the result easily lingers for 6 months, if not a little more. Some of the most popular brands of the product in the market include the following:

  • Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Ultra
  • Hylaform
  • Restylane, Restylane Silk, Restylane – L
  • Elevess

The application of all these products is more or less the same. They are injected the same way to make your lips more juicy, luscious and attractive. However, some of the products contain a local anesthetic agent called lidocaine.  

Once the filler is injected, the gel in it automatically takes up the responsibility to shape up and provide support to the tissues present in the lips. 

The number of fillers injected can be controlled. This gives a doctor a greater control of the quantity of lip volume that is to be created. Compared to other dermal fillers, it results in less bruising and swelling. Most importantly, lip fillers are less likely to flare up an allergic reaction. This is because the component is the same that is naturally found in your body. But if you are allergic to lidocaine, you should tell that to your doctor beforehand. 

What you should expect during the treatment

This lip augmentation technique with inject-able fillers can be performed fast at a doctor’s clinic. The procedure requires no down-time. Usually, a local numbing agent is applied before injecting the fillers. This is done to reduce your discomfort. Anxious patients are administered with nerve block injections. The doctor marks the areas to be injected with great precision. Very fine needles are used to inject the lip fillers into the designated areas of the lips. After injecting the filler a cold pack is applied to the treated area to minimize the discomfort and swelling.  

Make sure that the treated area is not subjected to any kind of firm pressure. You are not to apply lipstick or any other cosmetic product for the lips after the injection procedure. The difference won’t escape your eyes for long. Once the side-effects have vanished, your lips will just feel natural. However, here is a rider. Fat injections are a little different. This particular clinical procedure involves liposuction over a small area in order to extract fat from your body before injecting it to your lips. 

Risks and side-effects

The side-effects resulting from hyaluronic acid last just a few days and involve:

  • Swelling and bruising at the injection site
  • A little bleeding as well
  • Redness and tenderness around the treated area
  • Cold sores or fever blisters around the lip area

Senior cosmetic surgeons at the renowned Dr. Morrow Clinic in Edmonton share from their experience that in worse case scenarios the bruising and swelling may last a week to 10 days. Asymmetrical lips, irregularities, and lumps, mild infection in the lips are known to occur too. Scarring and stiffening of the lips, allergy, and itching around the lips cannot be ruled out completely either. One may even run a fever. You have to contact your surgeon immediately in any such complication. On the positive side, these severe side-effects occur very seldom and only a negligible fraction of patients have to suffer.

Lip augmentation cost

The cost of this extremely popular skincare treatment varies from case to case. The cost depends on certain factors like:

  • The exact procedure performed 
  • The location of a clinic
  • Experience and qualification of the surgeon

Usually, the price of the filler is calculated on the basis of per syringe injected. Most people require a dose of 1 to 2 syringes. Health insurance policies usually don’t cover this treatment price. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand the charges involved before going for the treatment. By the way, some aesthetic treatment clinics do offer payment plans. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about it.

Most health insurance plans won’t cover cosmetic surgery or complications associated with any cosmetic surgery. Before undergoing the procedure, make sure you understand all the charges and ask if your doctor offers a payment plan. 

According to qualified and experienced cosmetic doctors in Edmonton, lip injections are one of the most popular skin care procedures. The treatment proves to be greatly predictive when done under a cosmetic surgeon. There are many reliable clinics in the area that offer this treatment. Most of these clinics also offer easy payment plans to make things easy for a patient’s pocket. But Dr. Morrow Clinic deserves to be specially mentioned in the ongoing context. It possesses an excellent track record in handling such cases. Please feel free to contact us to book your appointment or get more information on lip fillers treatment.